Monday, June 1, 2020

Gilbert Bonilla (R.I.P.)

Gilbert Bonilla (R.I.P.)

Street (Poe-Poe Politics)

       Sgt. George Pabey of E.C.P.D. shot and killed a 17 year-old teenager, who was running away from him. Sgt. Pabey "skated". Sgt. Pabey became Chief of Police, Chief of  Security @ local casino, councilman @ large, and Mayor of East Chicago. (3 Letter Boyz M.I.A.)

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Reality of Internal Affairs

Every time you hear or read the name in the paper that involved Guy Mikulich, Lake County Poe-Poe. My mind thought of one thing. How a “Poe-Poe” could beat a one-armed Mexican Guy in Indiana Harbor and keep his job? Then he got caught up with Shorty, a black guy who Mikulich said jumped off a bridge. This sounded “shady” but witness afraid to come forward.

Then we fast forward until today (5.18.18), and Mikulich is pleading insanity in his latest mishap involving a hit and run. Victor Argondona aka Juevos did $100,000 lawsuit vs Lake County Sheriff Department.
 George Floyd
Rest In Peace

Reality of Internal Affairs

     If you're on the Chief or sheriff team, you can break the law and receive a slap on the wrist... If you're not, they will hang you from the highest tree in town. There is no merit system for the head of Internal Affairs. It's appointed position. You shine the boss's boots or sell the most fundraising tickets, and you're head of "Internal affairs". Cops are politicians thus leaving us in this predicament.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Get Me Some Mexican, Today

        Sheriff Martinez                  E Perez Public Information 
 "Oh, I'm Gonna Get Me Some Mexican, Today"


     Lt. B Marsh said to Colonel Fernando Vargas @ E.V.O.C. (Emergency Vehicle Operation Class). Allegedly, Vargas filed a complaint over this incident that was assigned to I.A. (Internal Affair) where Doug McCloskey did nothing. Keep in mind that McCloskey is a civilian appointed by Sheriff Martinez, you feel me? Perez is a Puerto Rican and can see him looking the other way. But Sheriff Martinez is Mexican, and he chose to look the other way.

Believe Me

     Had Street kept biting his tongue, he wouldn't have any tongue left primo -- cousin... We're in 2020 and still tolerating this bull shit. "Oh, I'm gonna get me some Mexican". This Poe-Poe showed his "behind" on this one.

P.S.: Guy Mikulich -- Lake County Sheriff also beat a one-armed Mexican guy in East Chicago. Mikulich allegedly beat some teenager who was handcuffed.  Skated because he helped "3 Letter Boyz" to nail Joe Kumstar. Remember him?

Saturday, May 23, 2020

3 Amigos

     Sheriff Martinez              Repay                    E Perez

"3 Amigos"


     And all 3 are quieter than a church mouse peeling on cotton in regards to the following:

          A. LED Lighting Story
          B. Joe Menchaca cover-up
          C. Lt. Brian Marsh cover-up.
     (Oh, I'm gonna get me some Mexican, today.

     And you think this clown gives a crap? You can run, but you can't hide. Keep the rotten tomatoes away from me @ Mexican Independence Day Parade when they ride pass me on Main Street.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mrvan Update

Quid Pro Quo in His Closet


     There was a Hammond Poe-Poe who was retired and good friend of Frank Mrvan Sr. This retired Poe-Poe had a son who was on the Hammond Police Department, but he got fired for pointing his weapon @ s superior. Mayor George Pabey hired him in exchange for Frank Mrvan Jr. hiring Mayor Pabey's daughter @ the Township.


     Chief of Police Manchu and Assistant Chief Police Medina were "rubber stamp" for Mayor Pabey @ East Chicago Police Department.
     "Snoring in the background is The Times"

    "Rich Medina can give you a big ten-four on this one."