Thursday, May 31, 2012

Street Talk: Politics in Gary

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From the Streets.Net

Gary Took A Left On Some Politicians

Street (Interest E-mail)

Had a person to send me a E-mail that included a photograph of a new garage. Then the person went on to use the word "Shakedown" in reference to Gary Democratic Precinct Organization. Source alleges that some "politicians" dropped a lot of "cheddar cheese" and were "played". Source further alleges that a Hammond Preccinct Committeeman also reccieved "5 stacks" from a candidate. It was cash not check, my brother--- you feel me?
(to be continued)

Back Story

Source also alleges that Kevin Carr was supposed to be Michelle Fajmin's Deputy... but some "policiticans" wasn't feeling Kevin Carr and enter Darren Washington.

Long Arms

Other sources alleges that Jewell Harris called that shot to get Hilda Pabey that job with Mike Brown( County Clerk Office) He also pulled the strings on Tremmill Raggs getting that job with the Board Of Commissioner. Son got Dilbert Coles's old job... them is some long arms.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Street Talk: Being A Diva

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Darren "The Diva"  Washington

It was like two days after the May 8, 2012 Primary in Lake County, Indiana. This was right after a virtual unknown named Mike Brown (28 years old) and a former bailiff in Lake County Superior Court as "shocked the world". Mike Brown had defeated Michelle Fajmin, the current Lake County Recorder in recorder's race. The "same name game" is played in Lake County politics whenever somebody is trying to manipulate the voters.
In this case, many voters thought of the current Lake County Clerk, Mike Brown who is black. Mike Brown, the 28 year old unknown who is white. He spent no money cause he didn't have any to spend and still won the election for Lake County Clerk.

Side Bar

Darren Washington was Michelle's Deputy in the Lake County Recorder office... instead of backing Michelle Fajmin, his boss, for re-election. Darren Washington took on Earline Rodgers. It was Michelle Fajmin who was in a "trick bag". She spoke of firing Darren Washington early on January 2012, but she got scared and didn't fire him.

Street contacts local newspaper guy who told me that he wasn't abreast of this scenario. "Darren Washington" was fired two days after the May 8, 2012 Primary election. and escorted out of the Lake County Government Center... various sources have confirmed this to Streetwise.

Bottom Line (according to reporter)
Darren Washington don't want to talk about this. Scenario right now... me, myself and I mentality. Just like when he chose instead of helping his boss, Michelle Fajmin, with re-election... Bet you a MR. Carr would have done this. Sublimate his ego and push Michelle.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Street Talk: 5.20.12

Street Dept

Hammond Federal Courthouse

Street (Alejardro Name)

This is a name that has surfaced on the radar of "The Feds". This conjunction with Jerry Lozano is expected a plea deal with "The Feds"?

Source alleged from jump

That Jerry Lozano gave "Johnny C" "25 stacks" to take his case. This was to plead guilty and "take his medicine". Cause if he went to war with "The Feds", it'd be about "75 stacks""primo", you feel me?

"For the Tourists"

Jerry Lozano's dad used to own "The Broadway Shrimp" on Broadway in East Chicago.

Jerry Lozano babaloo!!!!

Now you get people anxiously asking about Manny Montalvo, okay? They can't wait!!!


"Johnny C" is Attorney John Cantrell

Street (Al Velez)

They said this guy is hotter than a "3 dollar pistol". "Feds on him like a "cheap suit"...  Remember a source telling me of a meeting with them Mayor George pabey and Manny Montalvo along with Al Velez. "From now on you talk to Velez could "green light shit".


Al Velez "was  in the loop"!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Street Talk: FBI in Hammond Part 2

Al Salinas in bed with Actin, Inc

$77,000 is lotta of money for dumpster

"Street Dept"

Street (Conversation with Al Salinas II)

It was a couple of Thursdays ago that street finally sought out Al Salinas II. There were rumors of Al Salinas's snow on "Hammond's Dime" and using Hammond Street Dept Truck. This was when Street was hearing rumors of impregnating a teen-age girl. Speaking about snow plowing, Al gave me a strange answer. "It didn't even snow that much this years." He told me the following Saturday. Street get a phone call that allegation of Al Salinas II impregnating a teenager girl was true. This time Street left a voice mail for Al. Told him that this story was "getting hot" and good source told me the scenerio... Street told Al that he might "post it" on the blog and wanted Al to call me. Salinas never called me after that and Street did ultimately post this post.

What Al Salinas II get fired according to him
1. Found $1,000 in casino revenue and Mayor McDemott Jr wanted to use money.
2. He supported Repay for Commissioner.
3. Making call to precinct committemen seeking their support when he heard Mayor McDemott  was stepping down.