Sunday, May 20, 2012

Street Talk: 5.20.12

Street Dept

Hammond Federal Courthouse

Street (Alejardro Name)

This is a name that has surfaced on the radar of "The Feds". This conjunction with Jerry Lozano is expected a plea deal with "The Feds"?

Source alleged from jump

That Jerry Lozano gave "Johnny C" "25 stacks" to take his case. This was to plead guilty and "take his medicine". Cause if he went to war with "The Feds", it'd be about "75 stacks""primo", you feel me?

"For the Tourists"

Jerry Lozano's dad used to own "The Broadway Shrimp" on Broadway in East Chicago.

Jerry Lozano babaloo!!!!

Now you get people anxiously asking about Manny Montalvo, okay? They can't wait!!!


"Johnny C" is Attorney John Cantrell

Street (Al Velez)

They said this guy is hotter than a "3 dollar pistol". "Feds on him like a "cheap suit"...  Remember a source telling me of a meeting with them Mayor George pabey and Manny Montalvo along with Al Velez. "From now on you talk to Velez could "green light shit".


Al Velez "was  in the loop"!