Saturday, May 26, 2012

Street Talk: Being A Diva

Street Dept

Darren "The Diva"  Washington

It was like two days after the May 8, 2012 Primary in Lake County, Indiana. This was right after a virtual unknown named Mike Brown (28 years old) and a former bailiff in Lake County Superior Court as "shocked the world". Mike Brown had defeated Michelle Fajmin, the current Lake County Recorder in recorder's race. The "same name game" is played in Lake County politics whenever somebody is trying to manipulate the voters.
In this case, many voters thought of the current Lake County Clerk, Mike Brown who is black. Mike Brown, the 28 year old unknown who is white. He spent no money cause he didn't have any to spend and still won the election for Lake County Clerk.

Side Bar

Darren Washington was Michelle's Deputy in the Lake County Recorder office... instead of backing Michelle Fajmin, his boss, for re-election. Darren Washington took on Earline Rodgers. It was Michelle Fajmin who was in a "trick bag". She spoke of firing Darren Washington early on January 2012, but she got scared and didn't fire him.

Street contacts local newspaper guy who told me that he wasn't abreast of this scenario. "Darren Washington" was fired two days after the May 8, 2012 Primary election. and escorted out of the Lake County Government Center... various sources have confirmed this to Streetwise.

Bottom Line (according to reporter)
Darren Washington don't want to talk about this. Scenario right now... me, myself and I mentality. Just like when he chose instead of helping his boss, Michelle Fajmin, with re-election... Bet you a MR. Carr would have done this. Sublimate his ego and push Michelle.