Thursday, May 31, 2012

Street Talk: Politics in Gary

Street's Dept


From the Streets.Net

Gary Took A Left On Some Politicians

Street (Interest E-mail)

Had a person to send me a E-mail that included a photograph of a new garage. Then the person went on to use the word "Shakedown" in reference to Gary Democratic Precinct Organization. Source alleges that some "politicians" dropped a lot of "cheddar cheese" and were "played". Source further alleges that a Hammond Preccinct Committeeman also reccieved "5 stacks" from a candidate. It was cash not check, my brother--- you feel me?
(to be continued)

Back Story

Source also alleges that Kevin Carr was supposed to be Michelle Fajmin's Deputy... but some "policiticans" wasn't feeling Kevin Carr and enter Darren Washington.

Long Arms

Other sources alleges that Jewell Harris called that shot to get Hilda Pabey that job with Mike Brown( County Clerk Office) He also pulled the strings on Tremmill Raggs getting that job with the Board Of Commissioner. Son got Dilbert Coles's old job... them is some long arms.