Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game

Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game

Photo of Greentree Builder's sign

Photo of Planned Parenthood's sign


Greentree Builders built a little strip mall on Main street in East Chicago... just recently they served a new tenant that is better than a "goverment check"! Planned Parenthood moved into the location on Main Street. This along with Jerry Levno "on deck" to be indicted by "The Feds" as this writing.

Back Story

Frank Raminez already indicted by "The Feds" was former "money guy" forSchool city of East Chicago... now he alleges that jerry Levno allegedlyy "paid him bribes to serve East Chicago contracts for his company(Greentree Builders).

Don't Forget Juan Aponte

Former East Chicago Mayor George Pabey's second cousin, who's on the ECPD, is also about to be indicted by "The Feds". Source said this "money in the bank"  acccording to a source!

Also in the Pipe Line

East Chicago cop is to be indicted by the Feds. You feel me?  Something about(VIN numbers).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Street's Dept:

Street's Dept

Mochate con el dinero


Drop that Money

Source alleges that Joel Markovich isn't making good on that "tab" he owes East Chicago. One can understand if you don't have the "dinero", but Markovich has been "suckin  that titty" under three East Chicago's Mayors

1. Mayor Patrick
2. Mayor Pabey
3. Mayor Copeland

"Muy listo --- "well prepared", put his company under wife's name, source further alleges.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Street Talk: 6.17.12

Stosh at Sheriff's Merit Board

Go to to watch video.

Al Salinas II

Street (Ticking time bomb)

Al Salinas II might be more damaging to the Lake County Democratic Party than George Van Til. We've written about allegations of Al Salinas II  impregnating a minor. On 5.13.12, Street was informed by a source that the father of the teenage girl is a Hammond or East Chicago cop who is mad as hell!!! Problem that may arise for Mayor Tom McDermott Jr of Hammond and Lake County Democratic Chairman is as follows... what did he know and when did he know it?

New Source

Talk to a guy who is high up in the Hammond Democratic Precinct Organization about Al Salinas II. He claims he knew about this scenario 2 years ago... and he's close to Mayor McDermott Jr.

Let's not forget one thing

Al Salinas II and Tom McDermott Jr. were compadres primo. Salinas II had to do something pretty egregious to set fired as Street Department Foreman.

Smoke Screen

McDermott Jr . ain't worried about Van Til. Al Salinas is the real harm to the Democratic Party in Lake County.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Street Talk: Who's The Real Slim Shady

Who's The Real Slim Shady


Street's Dept

Michelle Fajmin's source says that she wasn't the only one to make a donation to high ranking  officials... Bade and Frey also made that donation to high ranking officials in Gary, Indiana. Frey might have won for Lake county Coroner, but she didn't carry Gary... Ditto for Badde. Judge Perry who source alleged dropped that "cheddar cheese" to high ranking precinct officials in 2011. Yet, Dominguez's nephew caried the city of Gary in that election even though he lost in Primary.

Van Til in Hot Water

With the Fed's "looking at" Van Til in the Surveyor's office, wonder if anybody else might be hearing footsteps?

Bottom Line

Where there are no Republican to fight in Gary. The Democrats fight among themselves!!! Ditto for East Chicago and Hammond; etc, etc.

Dilbert Coles is allegedly out the door in Gary.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Street Talk: Street's Dept

Street's Dept

Street (Pabey's Second cousin)

Bochinche coming out of East Chicago is that former Mayor George Pabey's "second cousin" is "on deck". ie(Next E.C. Cop to be indicted by the Fed's) Could be within 30 days according to a source... source further alleges Scott King is second cousin lawyer..."on the low".

Source is telling me two E.C. Poe-Poes are really worried about the Poe-Poe now living in Indy and alreaddy indicted by the Fed's.