Sunday, June 17, 2012

Street Talk: 6.17.12

Stosh at Sheriff's Merit Board

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Al Salinas II

Street (Ticking time bomb)

Al Salinas II might be more damaging to the Lake County Democratic Party than George Van Til. We've written about allegations of Al Salinas II  impregnating a minor. On 5.13.12, Street was informed by a source that the father of the teenage girl is a Hammond or East Chicago cop who is mad as hell!!! Problem that may arise for Mayor Tom McDermott Jr of Hammond and Lake County Democratic Chairman is as follows... what did he know and when did he know it?

New Source

Talk to a guy who is high up in the Hammond Democratic Precinct Organization about Al Salinas II. He claims he knew about this scenario 2 years ago... and he's close to Mayor McDermott Jr.

Let's not forget one thing

Al Salinas II and Tom McDermott Jr. were compadres primo. Salinas II had to do something pretty egregious to set fired as Street Department Foreman.

Smoke Screen

McDermott Jr . ain't worried about Van Til. Al Salinas is the real harm to the Democratic Party in Lake County.