Sunday, June 10, 2012

Street Talk: Who's The Real Slim Shady

Who's The Real Slim Shady


Street's Dept

Michelle Fajmin's source says that she wasn't the only one to make a donation to high ranking  officials... Bade and Frey also made that donation to high ranking officials in Gary, Indiana. Frey might have won for Lake county Coroner, but she didn't carry Gary... Ditto for Badde. Judge Perry who source alleged dropped that "cheddar cheese" to high ranking precinct officials in 2011. Yet, Dominguez's nephew caried the city of Gary in that election even though he lost in Primary.

Van Til in Hot Water

With the Fed's "looking at" Van Til in the Surveyor's office, wonder if anybody else might be hearing footsteps?

Bottom Line

Where there are no Republican to fight in Gary. The Democrats fight among themselves!!! Ditto for East Chicago and Hammond; etc, etc.

Dilbert Coles is allegedly out the door in Gary.