Sunday, July 29, 2012

Street Talk: Looks Like A Movie

From The Street


This was from a movie we made back back in the day with Dino Cruz(R.I.P.) and Streetwise. Now the Gilbert Bonills homicide from 10.31.85. is starting to look like a movie 7.29.12. (Cover-up?)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Street Talk; It's Offical

Street Talk

"It's offfical like a Referee's whistle", Ric Jill saying


Willie Askew, East Chicago Police Department, who is "being looked at" by "The Feds" just "lawyered up" with Kevin Milner.

E.C Police Station

Robert Aponte, another E.C. Cop "being looked at" by "The Feds" had already "lawyered up" with Scott King.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Street Talk: Standing Up

Gilbert Bonilla's Nephew Standing Up

It was some 3 years ago that Street had touch base with Gilbert Bonilla's nephew... Bare in mind that since 2002 Street had never really crossed path with this "strapping" ex-marine. This young man told me something. "You need a new strategy." Street was impressed and couldn't wait to tell his grandpa, Mr. Angel Bonilla. Hallejuah!!

To Whom It May Concern--- nephew strategy


Monday, July 16, 2012

Street Talk: In The Mix

From The Street


Might Be In the Mix 7.16.12

To Be Continued

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Street Talk: Memo to R.E.M.

Street ( Memo to R.E.M.)

Street Talk (R.E.M.)

Thought it was an alternative rock band?

We have a case right now under investigation by the Indiana State Police. (7.8.12) Lewd conduct charges against East Chicago Cop Arcides Santiago. According to Sources, the victim hasn't been forthcoming to file a complaint. R.E.M. was heaping praise on E.C.P.D in the newspaper.


A. Shawn Pitts --- former E.C. Cop currently is under indictment by "The Fed's" for ghost  "payrolling" right now.

B. (Correction)Robert Aponte --- is the E.C. Cop who is also being "looked at" by the Fed's(ghost payrolling). He is the second cousin of former Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago. Inadvertently named Juan Aponte in this update.

C. Willie Askew --- current E.C. Cop being looked at by the Fed's(VIN Numbers).

Go to "Street Talk: Other Allegations" in April 2012 for the news article.

Coming Soon (Where do we hide him?)