Saturday, August 25, 2012

Street Talk: Poe-Poe Pissed In East Chicago

Poe-Poe Pissed In East Chicago
The Deal
Jackie Robinson(Mayor Copeland) is preparing a 10% pay cut and taking away 2 weeks vacation time from East Chicago Poe-Poe(Policeman). "Budget crisis" Mayor's Camp, their answer is to cut the budget and ain't nobody "untouchable"(not even the police and fire department) .
F.O.P. Election 8.23.12
59 tally voted no cuts at all
8 voted for 5% pay cut
6 voted for furlough days
73 Poe-Poe voted this date
94 is the total of Poe-Poe in E.C.P.D.
21 E.C. Cops didn't vote
Public Access Television
Jackie Robinson(Mayor Copeland) ran on Public Access Television as part of his platform when he campaigned for Mayor  of East Chicago in 2011. On his "Citizens In Action Show", he used to have telephone of the F.B.I. on the screen. Now he's got amnesia... thus no Public Access Telephone in East Chicago. Because if he did, the police and fire department would "rip him a new one" right on Channel 21... like he used to do!!!