Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Red Flag

From the Streets

First Red Flag!

Street(First Red Flag)
In the previous newspaper article, you will see the first rred flag that put Al Salinas II on "the radar screen". $77,000 dollars for dumpsters in the 2nd District in Hammond. We're  looking at 400.00 a dumpster which brings us to a ball park figure of 185 dumpsters, brother! (Head of clean-up campaign) Then we look at who Al Salinas II. Purchased the dumpsters from Actin, Inc., and you see East Chicago involvement. Mayor MCDermotty had a great quote in the article, "Spending got sloppy last year."(Regarding casino gaming money)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being Indicted

From the Streets

Bochinche has it that Al Salinas II, 2nd District Council of Hammond will also be indicted along with Ronier Scott(October 2012). There are rumbling that Mayor McDermott Jr. will rehire Al Salinas for a vote to pass 2013 Hammond City Budget. Source from McDermott's inner circle claims Al Salinas is putting that  rumor out there. Tom Cruise(Mayor McDermott) doesn't want ant fleas on him. So he's gonna stay away Salinas, you feel me? We know two who are gonna be indicted, three remain a mystery.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Indictments Coming

From the Street
Street(Indictments Coming)

      Source alleges that there are 5 indictments coming down in October.... Source further alleges that one of the names that has surfaced is that of Ronier Scott(Gary City Councilman). Most of the 5 to be indicted are from Gary, but not all of them. If Street was a betting man, he'd include a "Hispanic Hammond Councilman" in this mix to be  indicted.



Thursday, September 20, 2012

From the Street
Street(Domestic Battery)


Source alleged that East Chicago Cop Adrian Santos Jr. was arrested in  the Indianapolis area. Source further alleges that Santos has been involved in 2 domestic battery cases before. In one instant, woman didn't file complaint, but merely got on a plane and went back to Puerto Rico. (Slap on the wrist file)

P.S. He is the son of Adrian Santos Senior, who is a retired East Chicago  Cop and former City Councilman.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Street Talk

From The Street 9.12.12

Update 9.11.12
E.C. Cop went in front of the E.C. Board of Public Safety who let him keep his job. E.C. Cop was given 6 months off without pay.!!! "Ain't no straw in my hair." Street told his friend. For an E.C. Cop to agree to  a  half year off without a "paycheck", he did something "shaddy" if you ask me mister! Now the question becomes where do we hide him? Suppose he performs another lewd conduct act to a woman... and this woman files a complaint, what then?


Sunday, September 9, 2012

From The Street

Street(Practice what you preach)

Watch the video to see the Councilman-at-Large bestow the virtue of Public Access Television on cable.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bochinche@ E.C.P.D.

Street(Pabey's second cousin on deck)

"Bochinche" is coming out from sources is that Robert Aponte(E.C. Policeman) allegedly is "on deck" to be indicted... Source alleges it's that "gravy train" again. Shaun Pitts just "copped to" ghost payrolling... was getting paid from federal grant money... Got paid but didn't go to work... Shaun Pitts and now Rboert Aponte(both E.C. Cops). One has already pled guilty while Aponte is "on deck" like stated earlier. Robert Aponte is the "second cousin" of former Mayor George Pebey of East Chicago.
Side Bar
Aponte acccording to source was working with "D.E.A." which realy "pissed off a Fed... No longer with "D.E.A." and currently working "juvenile" for E.C.P.D.
The following press clipping will show backstory of "ghost payrolling" in East Chicago.

Willie Askew E.C. Cop
Source alleges Kr. Askew is being investigated by the Feds and has already "lawyered up" with Kevin Milher(Source alleged "it" has to do with VIN numberd). Mr Askew also was transfered to work "Juvenile" at E.C.P.D.
P.S.  Robert Aponte(E.C.P.D.) has allegedly "lawyered up" with Scott King(Scott King also defended George Pabey in Federal Court.