Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bochinche@ E.C.P.D.

Street(Pabey's second cousin on deck)

"Bochinche" is coming out from sources is that Robert Aponte(E.C. Policeman) allegedly is "on deck" to be indicted... Source alleges it's that "gravy train" again. Shaun Pitts just "copped to" ghost payrolling... was getting paid from federal grant money... Got paid but didn't go to work... Shaun Pitts and now Rboert Aponte(both E.C. Cops). One has already pled guilty while Aponte is "on deck" like stated earlier. Robert Aponte is the "second cousin" of former Mayor George Pebey of East Chicago.
Side Bar
Aponte acccording to source was working with "D.E.A." which realy "pissed off a Fed... No longer with "D.E.A." and currently working "juvenile" for E.C.P.D.
The following press clipping will show backstory of "ghost payrolling" in East Chicago.

Willie Askew E.C. Cop
Source alleges Kr. Askew is being investigated by the Feds and has already "lawyered up" with Kevin Milher(Source alleged "it" has to do with VIN numberd). Mr Askew also was transfered to work "Juvenile" at E.C.P.D.
P.S.  Robert Aponte(E.C.P.D.) has allegedly "lawyered up" with Scott King(Scott King also defended George Pabey in Federal Court.