Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where you're at?

From the Streets
Banging The Drum for McDermott

To No Longer Be Chairman for "Dems"!

McDermott "M.I.A."

What I Tell You?

Street(Where you @ McDermott)
Talked to a source who said Mayor Tom McDermott Jr.(Hammond) ain't doing nothing for nobody(local level, state level, and for President Obama). He was also a "no show" @ fundraiser for the following... Gregg, Simpson and Evan Bayh(representing Donnelly). The event was held at "The Genesis Convention Centre".

B.S. Part
CNN and other tv outlets interviewed McDermott at Democratic Convention in North Carolina?


Al Salinas II and Opinker spend $77, 000 and $32,000 on dumpsters in 2011. Opinker spent his money one week prior to May Primary and one prior to November General Election 2011(Casino money to solicit votes?). Mayor McDermott only responsed... "we got a little sloppy."