Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Investigation of the Incident is offical

Street Patrol
The Times reported an investigation into the Lake County Government Complex about the "Incident"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That Indicent in Crown Point

From the Street
Street (That incident in Crown Point)

Source told me that it wasn't a rape, but more of a sex abuse charge against 2 Government Center workers. It still happened in the closet, but more like woman was forced to perform "oral sex" on the County Employees... Some "Johnny on the Spot" told me this morning that "The Detectives" from Lake County Jail took top of the chair from the closet for DNA testing. This news source claims that he has seen one of the Janitors (white guy) walking with a pair of Lake County  Detectives... Allegedly interviewed white dude twice Monday (11.26.12). and that's why there is a investigation going on so we all can know what really happened... Street just wanna have some dialogue on this topic.
P.S. "Salt N Peppa"--- white dude and black dude who are currently being investigated by Lake County Sheriff's Office.
Street Patrol
Street (Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching)
If you talk about a case of sexual abuse, confinement against this woman, you're talking lawsuit... Layman can tell you that Lake County or Porter County is responsible for this woman's safety. You can't be doing your community service and have 2  Lake County Housekeeping Employees force you to perform oral sex on them. This inside a janitor's closet about 2 weeks at the Lake County Government Center... Cal Bellamy-- this is what's really going on  there, Mr. Ethics Guy.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Street Patrol: Joey D

"Joey D"

Dino Cruz in background "R.I.P.
Bet you Joey D. (Former East Chicago Cop and City Councilman) can give you a "ten-four on Sgt. Ralph Flores flunking that drug test!!!

Street (Why did Flores get a free pass)
History of shame. East Chicago, Gary, Lake County --- Region cops marred by drug dealing, use within ranks. This was the "9.19.2005 piece" written by Marc Chase. My beef with Marc Chase is how he mentioned Chief Gus Flores in his "piece:. But he  never mentions that Sgt. Ralph Flores was one of the 7 East Chicago Cops who failed the drug test. Sgt. Ralph Flores is the youngest brother of Chief Gus Flores. Sources allege everybody and their grandma knew about Ralph Flores's  "cover up" on drug test. Why do you think all 7 East Chicago Cops were allowed to take a retest? Same dude inside McDonald's on Columbus Drive. 

"Another East Chicago City Employee to the Federal" November 23 2002--- Marc Chase is the reporter on this "piece". "Crime with a police shield. This was the section of Marc Chase's "piece" that retold the same story from September 2005 (about the 7 E.C. Cops who flunked drug   test and allowed to take a retest). Naturally, they all passed the retest, okay! Only Thing is this time, Marc Chase doesn't even mention Chief Gus Flores.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Incident

Street Patrol

Street (Incident at Lake Government Complex)

Had a source to call me up and tell me about a crazy scenario at Crown Point, Indiana. Source alleges that a woman who was from Porter County, but doing community service in Lake County was raped. It's alleged that 2 employees in housekeeping at the Lake County Government Center forced the woman into janitor's closet where the rape allegedly happened. One of the janitors implicated in the alleged rape has ties to a  "Merrillville Politico". This incident is currently being investigated by Lake County Sheriff's office as of this writing (11.20.12)

Monday, November 19, 2012

From the Street

Street (When Mayor McDermott wet his pants)
This is a story that Street has told some close friends and even written 5 or 6 version. (Things to get it right) But the story was when people in East Hammond got water in their basement... this was that real bad floor about some 7 years ago. Alot of people lost home and thousands of dollars in damages related to the floor.
Town Hall Meeting
Ophelia Stern Center was filled to the "rafters", my bother. Mexican, blacks and white all had one common denominator that night. They all had water in their homes, and they were mad as hell. Each one that stepped up to the microphone "put a foot in Mayor McDermott's behind" as they berated City of Hammond. Street just looked and knew that he was in the midst of something as he surveyed the crowd. My camera was getting it all on tape. Jake Jacobs looke nervous. Mayor Mcdermott was livid as they "give it to him", and the crowd ate it up like ice cream. There was a black foreman sitting at the table facing the crowd. Councilman Higgs garnered applause when he talked about water in his basement. "If you don't like the job that I'm doing, then don't vote for me in November." He said.
End Result
Street broaddcasted the meeting on his Streetwise Live cable show on Channel 21 in Hammond, Indiana. Highest talked show we ever did, and everybody and their grandma watched it. Then some 4 months later we all got word that Public Access in Hammond (channel 21) was history... See ya!!! Mayor McDermott turned the water off. (Cry baby!!!!)
The Feds are in Hammond right now as of this writing. "Feds don't come to Hammond." Some guy told me once. Just hope Mayor McDermott don't wet his pants again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pat Moore Jr.

From the Street
Street (Pat Moore Jr.)

The other day Street got some documents in the mail. Not via fax or e-mail, you got me.... The envelope had no return address, but Street get stuff like this. (People are scared and don't want to  anybody to know they leaked intel). Anyway, there was a document that showed Pat Moore Jr., Deputy Chief of the Hammond Fire Department, citing visiting sick firemen on O.T. sheet. Thought that was strange until street made some phone calls... come to find the Deputy Chief didn't go visit these sick firemen. Come on now!

Source also went on to say that those sick firemen would talk to Street, you feel me?

You're a number person? $26,394.31 O.T. money. Pat Moore earned in 2009. $97,575.17 was total earning for 2009.

Then you discovered that the Chief or deputy Chief are not eligible for "O.T." Bobby Lendi, Chief Dave Ham who signed off on "O.T." knew this on the "front side" and still allowed it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Best Kept Secret

From the Street
Street (One of the best kept secret in East Chicago)

(Headline from newspaper itself)  "Drug dealing, use mars police"  This was the title of a article done by The Times maybe 5 years ago. (11.12.12) The part that always get me in this story was when Chief Flores stepped into the picture. "The Police Chief at the time, Augusto Flores, allowed all officers to take retest, saying they could registered "false positive" on their initial "tests". Truth be told Sgt Ralph Flores was one of East Chicago Cops (seven) who failed a drug back then in 1986. And guess who his brother is, you feel me? That's why all seven were allowed to take a "re-test", because Chief Flores in my estimation couldn't just save his brother.
Side Bar
Every veteran cops in East Chicago and retired cops know all about this scenario. Ask anybody in East Chicago, and they'll tell you about the infamous Bosko in its hey day.
Next Update
Gilbert Bonilla cover up! Chief Flores again the central figure.



Friday, November 9, 2012

R.I.P. Natcho Segura

From the Street

Street (R.I.P. Natcho Segura)
When Natcho Segura was a precinct committeman, Streetwise remembered how certain other "Mexican Guys" would critize him. "Man Street, Natcho Segura can't even talk English, and he's a precinct committeeman." This Mexican Gusy tells me, and it was partly true that Natcho Segura spoke english with a thick ascent and broken English. This guy was taking a shot at Nacho Segura. Natcho Segura, undeterred, kept moving forward and didn't let it bother him. Natcho was a good horse, "Buen Caballio".
Street Response
"You speak perfect English. Why don't you run for precinct committeeman?" Mexican Guy didn't say anything and just looked at his feet. The toughest part of politic is going up to the door of a complete stranger.   I've seen certain people actually let their dog out when they see "politicans"opening their front gate. It's tough, and Natcho Segura (in broken English) got the job done mister!!!! Progreso - Progress.
Natcho Segura's daughter is now East Chicago School Board Member at-large, and she speaks good English and Spanish. (Graduate St. Mary Norte Dame.
Nice to support a qualified and dedicated candidate who happens to be Mexican. "Viva Mexico Primo.
Congratulation Mariecruz Segura Perez on your win.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

From The Street
(No Free Pass Here)

Street( No Free Pass Here)

The preceding newspaper article doesn't mention Opinker ( 5th District Councilman in Hammond, Indiana) who spent $31,000 dollars on dumpsters. The following claims shows quite a bit of a coincidence. The dumpsters were deployed from November 1 - November 8 2011 (General Election in Hammond where Opinker was up for re-election in he 5th District then)
Side Bar
Opinker has banners put the dumpsters. The banners had Opinker's name on them. Wasn't surprise that the banners were yellow and black. Same as Opinker's political signs. Sources alleges when we talk this was "real". $4,000 was spent on these banners! Probably paid with casino gaming revenue.
79 dumpsters scattered through out the 5th District (Hammond) had Opinker's name in black letters and yellow background. Voters driving by or walking by see the banners (Opinker). Then they arrive at the "polling place" with streamers and signs(Opinker) in black and yellow. Under auspices of a clean up program.
Inside the voting booth, we see name of incumbent Councilman Opinker on the ballot.
Street: Ain't no straw in my hair.