Monday, November 19, 2012

From the Street

Street (When Mayor McDermott wet his pants)
This is a story that Street has told some close friends and even written 5 or 6 version. (Things to get it right) But the story was when people in East Hammond got water in their basement... this was that real bad floor about some 7 years ago. Alot of people lost home and thousands of dollars in damages related to the floor.
Town Hall Meeting
Ophelia Stern Center was filled to the "rafters", my bother. Mexican, blacks and white all had one common denominator that night. They all had water in their homes, and they were mad as hell. Each one that stepped up to the microphone "put a foot in Mayor McDermott's behind" as they berated City of Hammond. Street just looked and knew that he was in the midst of something as he surveyed the crowd. My camera was getting it all on tape. Jake Jacobs looke nervous. Mayor Mcdermott was livid as they "give it to him", and the crowd ate it up like ice cream. There was a black foreman sitting at the table facing the crowd. Councilman Higgs garnered applause when he talked about water in his basement. "If you don't like the job that I'm doing, then don't vote for me in November." He said.
End Result
Street broaddcasted the meeting on his Streetwise Live cable show on Channel 21 in Hammond, Indiana. Highest talked show we ever did, and everybody and their grandma watched it. Then some 4 months later we all got word that Public Access in Hammond (channel 21) was history... See ya!!! Mayor McDermott turned the water off. (Cry baby!!!!)
The Feds are in Hammond right now as of this writing. "Feds don't come to Hammond." Some guy told me once. Just hope Mayor McDermott don't wet his pants again.