Friday, November 9, 2012

R.I.P. Natcho Segura

From the Street

Street (R.I.P. Natcho Segura)
When Natcho Segura was a precinct committeman, Streetwise remembered how certain other "Mexican Guys" would critize him. "Man Street, Natcho Segura can't even talk English, and he's a precinct committeeman." This Mexican Gusy tells me, and it was partly true that Natcho Segura spoke english with a thick ascent and broken English. This guy was taking a shot at Nacho Segura. Natcho Segura, undeterred, kept moving forward and didn't let it bother him. Natcho was a good horse, "Buen Caballio".
Street Response
"You speak perfect English. Why don't you run for precinct committeeman?" Mexican Guy didn't say anything and just looked at his feet. The toughest part of politic is going up to the door of a complete stranger.   I've seen certain people actually let their dog out when they see "politicans"opening their front gate. It's tough, and Natcho Segura (in broken English) got the job done mister!!!! Progreso - Progress.
Natcho Segura's daughter is now East Chicago School Board Member at-large, and she speaks good English and Spanish. (Graduate St. Mary Norte Dame.
Nice to support a qualified and dedicated candidate who happens to be Mexican. "Viva Mexico Primo.
Congratulation Mariecruz Segura Perez on your win.