Sunday, November 25, 2012

Street Patrol: Joey D

"Joey D"

Dino Cruz in background "R.I.P.
Bet you Joey D. (Former East Chicago Cop and City Councilman) can give you a "ten-four on Sgt. Ralph Flores flunking that drug test!!!

Street (Why did Flores get a free pass)
History of shame. East Chicago, Gary, Lake County --- Region cops marred by drug dealing, use within ranks. This was the "9.19.2005 piece" written by Marc Chase. My beef with Marc Chase is how he mentioned Chief Gus Flores in his "piece:. But he  never mentions that Sgt. Ralph Flores was one of the 7 East Chicago Cops who failed the drug test. Sgt. Ralph Flores is the youngest brother of Chief Gus Flores. Sources allege everybody and their grandma knew about Ralph Flores's  "cover up" on drug test. Why do you think all 7 East Chicago Cops were allowed to take a retest? Same dude inside McDonald's on Columbus Drive. 

"Another East Chicago City Employee to the Federal" November 23 2002--- Marc Chase is the reporter on this "piece". "Crime with a police shield. This was the section of Marc Chase's "piece" that retold the same story from September 2005 (about the 7 E.C. Cops who flunked drug   test and allowed to take a retest). Naturally, they all passed the retest, okay! Only Thing is this time, Marc Chase doesn't even mention Chief Gus Flores.