Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sex Attack

Street Patrol
Street (Update on Sex Attack)

 Sheriff Buncich

The following pages will tell you why Street is "dipping" Sheriff Buncich.


County government employee no longer working!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Investigation in Hammond

 Street Patrol Update 12.24.12

Street (Source alleges Indiana Gaming Commission is investigating Hammond money from Casino spent on dumpsters)

First Red Flag

Councilman Opinker spent almost $32,000 on dumpsters for the 5th District, Oh, and the dumpsters were placed in the 5th District. One week before the November 2011 General Election in Hammond, Indiana. Source alleges Opinker had banners with his name place over the dumpsters.

Note (Source further alleges)

The banners were yellow and black like Opinker's political signs for the Councilman in the 5th District. Paid for banners with money from the Casino.

$77,000 dollars

Al Salinas II spent that on dumpsters in the 2nd District. Where and when were these dumpters "rolled out" to Private Business.

What Street want for Christmas?

Can Dedelow at "WJOB" ask Mayor MCDermott Jr. if the Indiana Gaming Commission is investigating Hammond?
Street Patrol
Dedelow usually lobs softball questions to Mayor Tom McDermott on his Friday morning show on WJOB 1230AM. Can you ask Mayor MC Dermott Jr. if the Indiana Gaming Commission is investigating the City of Hammond? (pertaining to dumpster and thousands of dollars spent on them in 2011). Councilman Salinas II and Opinker
"White Dude" called up Dedelow at WJOB's morning show and called him a hypocrite for asking sponsors to advertise on his radio station. But yet tells Cal City guy to tell his friends about WJOB in Hammond. (woo-woo-woo). "We're using word of mouth." Dedelow tells "The Cal City caller. Here you have a "everyday cat" just discovered WJOB 1230AM. Suggest that WJOB advertise with  some "billboard" and on cable to get the word out about your radio station. White dude from WJOB had a epiphany. Actually admitted that he was a "hypocrite". Maybe he needed to reconsider having billboards to promote the radio station.
Now if we could get "White Dude from WJOB 1230AM to ask Mr. Tom McDermott Jr. a tough question.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Street Patrol

January 2013

Hammond Federal Courthouse

Two E.C. ( East Chicago) Poe-Poes (cops) are allegedly gonna be allege that he was assigned to work indicted by the Fed's in January 2013 This " Intel" better than a "government check". One of E.C. Cops to be indicted worked for DEA for years. Then all of sudden he was transferred back to work at  E.C.P.D. Sources allege that he was assigned to work Juvenile while he was being investigated by the Fed's (Looked at how "The Fed's" say it ).
Ghost Payrolling Allegations
E.C. Poe-Poe was getting paid to work "O.T." at West Calumet Project and Lake Side Project as security. But he didn't show to work. Note: Shaun Pitts just plea guilty to "ghost payrolling" this year in Federal Courthouse. He waits sentencing. No jail time is expected, but only the loss of his policeman's job with E.C.P.D. And he probably will have to make restitution of money he didn't earn but was paid.
Other Ghost Payrolling
Miguel Arrendondo when he worked for Sheriff Dept and "moon lighted" at security on Guthrie Street. Ed Samuels, form Assistant Chief at E.C.P.D., was indicted with Arredondo on "ghost payrolling charges. (Both were featured on earlier update @
VIN Numbers
Street's source allege that this guy who is E.C. Cop will also be indicted in January 2013. His case (VIN Numbers) might deal with stolen cars. Another "Salt & Peppa" act who might be in "real hot water". Also they were re-assigned to work Juvenile Dept.
Sit Down for This One
Also  to be indicted are two gentlemen from the Lake County Sheriff Dept. (Pre-2011) This according to source who is a 10 on a scale 1-10.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bochinche at E.C. Poe-Poe

Street Patrol
Street (Bochinche at E.C. Poe-Poe)


There's a election coming up on December 18, 2012 (Tuesday) for the President Fraternal Order of Police #58 East Chicago, Indiana.
From day one Poe-Poe was "beefing" that Justin Orange, current President of F.O.P., wasn't gonna "look out" for them. His mother, Gilda Orange, E.C. City Council President and the "right hand" of Mayor Copeland(Jackie Robinson),  takes priority over the "Poe-Poe"?
Bet You What
This election for President of E.C. F.O.P.(Fraternal Order of Police) gonna answer this question. Is E.C. Poe-Poe(Policeman to recognize ) Justin Orange "in bed" with Mayor Copeland? Priorities in question? Or maybe he's doing a "bang up job" as president.
Don't Forget to vote!!! 
Feliz Navidad

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Queen Bee Part 1

Street Patrol

Street (Queen Bee Part 1)
The talk is how Queen Bee has more than 2 dozen relatives on city and county payrolls in Gary and Lake County. Thus the moniker "Queen Bee". People in Gary fear the wrath of queen Bee.
Title of Queen Bee
1. High ranking Lake County Official

2. High ranking member of the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization
Legend Goes
 Source allege Queen Bee has 14 relatives working for Gary City Court.
There was talk after the May 2011 Primary that Queen Bee allegedly "shook down" the following people.
1. Dr. Bade
2. Frey
3. Fajman
The figure that was thrown is about $34,000 dollars. This money was used to build two and half garage.

Street Cred (Back Story)
According to Michelle Fajman, Dr. Bade told her. "I'm a magician." "I flipped them."  Bade bragged. Claims that Queen Bee would endorse him over Frey for coroner. Fajman laughed and said that she drove around Gary to look at Polling Place. She discovered that Gary was pushing Dr. Fortonson with at least 2 people at each Polling Place passing out his literature. Nobody pushed Dr. Bade, Frey or Michelle Fajman  Carolyn Jordan had $800.00 in her war chest and got 8,000 votes in Gary. Jordan didn't drop "a chip". Michelle Fajman dropped $12,000 and "got the pipe".
Dropping a Dine
Gary Democratic Precinct Committeemen claimed that Queen Bee didn't give them "a chip". They were pissed off.
People who felt Queen Bee's wrath 
Kevin Carr, who was supposed to be appointed Fajman's Chief Deputy. Sources allege Queen Bee wanted Daren Washington, you feel me? Christine Cid was demoted and took a pay cut.
Queen Bee, according to sources, has a "God Son" who may be in hot water!!! Allegation persist.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Street Patrol

Street Patrol 12.1.12

WLTH            WJOB
1370 AM       1260AM

They've been quieter than a "church house mouse peeing on cotton", especially when Street discovered that one of the young men being investigated is a Gary guy. This young men is related to a "Political Player"in "Gary Politics"! What's up J.B.?--- (Freedom Fighter)

Hint of the day

There's more
The Gary Guy was arrested for selling (boy) heroin in August of 2010. Gary and Merrillville young men might be in "hot water"?
P.S. "Salt alleged had physical contact with woman while "Peppa" was more of a look-out".