Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Queen Bee Part 1

Street Patrol

Street (Queen Bee Part 1)
The talk is how Queen Bee has more than 2 dozen relatives on city and county payrolls in Gary and Lake County. Thus the moniker "Queen Bee". People in Gary fear the wrath of queen Bee.
Title of Queen Bee
1. High ranking Lake County Official

2. High ranking member of the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization
Legend Goes
 Source allege Queen Bee has 14 relatives working for Gary City Court.
There was talk after the May 2011 Primary that Queen Bee allegedly "shook down" the following people.
1. Dr. Bade
2. Frey
3. Fajman
The figure that was thrown is about $34,000 dollars. This money was used to build two and half garage.

Street Cred (Back Story)
According to Michelle Fajman, Dr. Bade told her. "I'm a magician." "I flipped them."  Bade bragged. Claims that Queen Bee would endorse him over Frey for coroner. Fajman laughed and said that she drove around Gary to look at Polling Place. She discovered that Gary was pushing Dr. Fortonson with at least 2 people at each Polling Place passing out his literature. Nobody pushed Dr. Bade, Frey or Michelle Fajman  Carolyn Jordan had $800.00 in her war chest and got 8,000 votes in Gary. Jordan didn't drop "a chip". Michelle Fajman dropped $12,000 and "got the pipe".
Dropping a Dine
Gary Democratic Precinct Committeemen claimed that Queen Bee didn't give them "a chip". They were pissed off.
People who felt Queen Bee's wrath 
Kevin Carr, who was supposed to be appointed Fajman's Chief Deputy. Sources allege Queen Bee wanted Daren Washington, you feel me? Christine Cid was demoted and took a pay cut.
Queen Bee, according to sources, has a "God Son" who may be in hot water!!! Allegation persist.