Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Street Cred"

Grind Family Interview
with Ric Jilla

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Street Patrol

George Pabey's second cousin on East Chicago Police department is allegedly "on deck" to get indicted by the Fed's soon.

Street Patrol
(East Chicago Poe-Poe got bed bugs)
Source told me they became aware of "bed bugs" Saturday morning. Monday -- Street  talked  to a source who gave me a "ten-four" on bed bugs" at East Chicago Police station Detention Area. This was out there, but there was some other shit that was" pissing off" current "E.C. Poe-Poe".
Judas Parks is working days and weekends off while he's being investigated by the IRS and Feds at the front desk, you feel me? 
Arcides Santiago
East Chicago Cop who was suspended for 6 months with no pay... "lewd conduct charge in East Chicago. Back to work now and he's at "The Front Desk" job at E.C. Police Station. Has straight 3-11pm shift and weekend, you fee me? Plus Santiago is working in civilian clothes... (wow)
Robert Aponte  --- second cousin of George Pabey and E.C. Cop is supposed to be indicted by "The Feds"(Fast, Quick and in a hurry. Another guy who'll work  "straight shift" with weekend off... Front Desk job "bro".
Willie Askew --- Another E.C. Cop who'll allegedly be indicted by The Fed on "stolen VIN numbers case. Then he'll get front desk job, straight shift and weekend off.
"Rewarded for being bad" -- These are the whispers floating around E.C.P.D as of this writing.
Don't forget Adrian Santos Jr.
He as a front desk job with straight shift and weekend off... Santos Jr., a E.C. Cop who was arrested on a domestic battery charge in Indy(2012). Allegedly beat a former girlfriend before. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (More honey for The Queen Bee)

Bochinche is Puerto Rican slang for gossip, you feel? Street got some bochinche from "G.I." involving "The Queen Bee". Seems as through her granddaughter was hired as Special Assistant to Lake County Recorder Mike Brown. Also is the same Mike Brown that hired this girl's grandmother.(tag team).

                                      Mike Brown - Lake County Recorder

Street Continues
Heard some bochinche that "The Queen Bee" also has a son named Mike Brown... Source claims that she was "mad as hell" since she didn't realize the strength of the "name game". Or else The Queen Bee would  have ran her son  in Lake County Recorder race 2012.

Street Continues
Bochinche also has it that one of the Lake County Employees is being investigate in that sexual assault case is the godson of "The Queen Bee". Both of them no longer working at the Lake County Government Center... case  is sitting in Bernie Carter's Office right now.  Plus report from Post Tribune informed Street that the same grandson caught a drug case ( 3 counts of selling heroin in 2010).
Y'all need to do a update on how many "kin folk" The Queen Bee has on the city and county pay-roll.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Queen Bee continue

Street Patrol

The Queen Bee is "key figure" of the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization. The article above mentions the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization, and it's not good.

County Employees no longer working there!!!

Street (What's up with Salt & Peppa?)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Team Hammond 2013

Street Patrol

Street (Team Hammond 2013)

Hammond leads off with Mark Kalwinski, 1st District Council Hammond.  "I believe the trust of the public is going to be acquired through this process, not only in the city of Hammond, but also downstate," Kalwinski said.
A letter from City Controller Bobby Lendi, requesting additional controls be placed on the money  prompted the resolution. Lendi was batting second.
Mayor MC Dermott Jr. batting third quoted. "State lawmakers are looking at all gaming communities with interest this Indiana General Assembly session." Mayor McDermott spoke to Hammond City Members to pass resolution for tighter controls on casino gaming money allotment to the Councilmatic Districts. The Mayor quoted again. "I think this makes the Hammond City Council look responsible." Then he said. "I think it makes the city look responsible." He went on to say. "We want the public to be assured that when the gaming money is being used by District Council Members that it's being used properly."
They all strook at
How about Council Opinker in the 6th District in Hammond who spent $32,000 dollars on dumpster rentals? This was  November 8, 2011 Hammond City General Election. Councilman Opinker was up for re-election. Opinker even had banners placed around the dumpsters with his name on them. Hey, now!
The Killer
He used the same yellow and black colors on the banners that he used on his campaign signs. It's a subliminal message using gaming monies. Election-eering mister!!! "Ain't no straw in my hair."

Friday, January 11, 2013

Copeland on Public Access TV

Street Patrol

When Anthony Copeland was on the East Chicago City Councilman, he talked about bringing back Public Access Television.

Watch the video below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guildlines for Sentencing

Street Patrol

Hammond Federal Courthouse
Jerry Lozano "took his medicine"... Want the Federal Judge to do his job when "The Pastor of First Baptist" is sentenced. Why have sentencing guidelines if you're not gonna adhere to them. Same guidelines for everyone, you feel me?
Street -- Director    Camera Shot -- Dream Sequence
Just stand up at top floor outside of Judge Rudy Lozano's chamber. Hold copies of those sentencing guidelines and toss them up in the air. Then video tape the sentencing guidelines flying around before ascending to the first floor.
Pastor Shcapp of First Baptist is still a "mortal man". Just like Jerry Lozano. Your judge is also "mortal man.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Speak with Fork Tongue

Street Patrol

Street (Mayor Copeland speaks with fork tongue)

Street has told that story about his talk with then Councilman-At-Large Anthony Copeland. This was like 2006 and "shooting the shit."   Then the subject turned to Public Access Television in East Chicago... Anthony Copeland "singing the blues".

Back Story

Streetwise - this was the title of my show on Public Access Television.
Citizen In Action - Anthony Copeland, Gilda Orange and some Mexican Dude.

He gave me his word. Street -- George Pabey said he was gonna bring back Public Access Television to East Chicago. This is Copeland trying to "keep it real", but Street was amazed. Was Copeland really naive or what?


Come on "Bro"... you didn't think he remembers how y'all used your show like a "2X4 to whup Mayor Bob Pastrick "upside the head". Frankie to! (Council Frank Kollintzas). Street nodded his head as Copeland as stood and listened to what Street was breaking down."

Street Continuous

"You think his gonna give you Public Access in East Chicago? You can use it like a 2X4" to beat Pabey over with it. Anthony stood there like he was shocked to discover Pabey lied to him.
Street Couldn't Resist
"So what, you just found out that a "Puerto Rican" can tell a lie?" Today, Mayor Copeland done caught amnesia. Seems like he got a little Milt Romney in him by "flip-flopping".
Bottom line
Mayor Copeland can now make good on his promise to bring back Public Access Television to East Chicago. Mayor Copeland now is the former George Pabey. He knows that Public Access Television is a potential "2X4"  in East Chicago. Mayor Copeland don't want nobody criticizing his administration. Channel 21 in East Chicago is the Government Channel. To me, it's like "gestapo t.v. Control everything!!!