Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Speak with Fork Tongue

Street Patrol

Street (Mayor Copeland speaks with fork tongue)

Street has told that story about his talk with then Councilman-At-Large Anthony Copeland. This was like 2006 and "shooting the shit."   Then the subject turned to Public Access Television in East Chicago... Anthony Copeland "singing the blues".

Back Story

Streetwise - this was the title of my show on Public Access Television.
Citizen In Action - Anthony Copeland, Gilda Orange and some Mexican Dude.

He gave me his word. Street -- George Pabey said he was gonna bring back Public Access Television to East Chicago. This is Copeland trying to "keep it real", but Street was amazed. Was Copeland really naive or what?


Come on "Bro"... you didn't think he remembers how y'all used your show like a "2X4 to whup Mayor Bob Pastrick "upside the head". Frankie to! (Council Frank Kollintzas). Street nodded his head as Copeland as stood and listened to what Street was breaking down."

Street Continuous

"You think his gonna give you Public Access in East Chicago? You can use it like a 2X4" to beat Pabey over with it. Anthony stood there like he was shocked to discover Pabey lied to him.
Street Couldn't Resist
"So what, you just found out that a "Puerto Rican" can tell a lie?" Today, Mayor Copeland done caught amnesia. Seems like he got a little Milt Romney in him by "flip-flopping".
Bottom line
Mayor Copeland can now make good on his promise to bring back Public Access Television to East Chicago. Mayor Copeland now is the former George Pabey. He knows that Public Access Television is a potential "2X4"  in East Chicago. Mayor Copeland don't want nobody criticizing his administration. Channel 21 in East Chicago is the Government Channel. To me, it's like "gestapo t.v. Control everything!!!