Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Street Patrol

George Pabey's second cousin on East Chicago Police department is allegedly "on deck" to get indicted by the Fed's soon.

Street Patrol
(East Chicago Poe-Poe got bed bugs)
Source told me they became aware of "bed bugs" Saturday morning. Monday -- Street  talked  to a source who gave me a "ten-four" on bed bugs" at East Chicago Police station Detention Area. This was out there, but there was some other shit that was" pissing off" current "E.C. Poe-Poe".
Judas Parks is working days and weekends off while he's being investigated by the IRS and Feds at the front desk, you feel me? 
Arcides Santiago
East Chicago Cop who was suspended for 6 months with no pay... "lewd conduct charge in East Chicago. Back to work now and he's at "The Front Desk" job at E.C. Police Station. Has straight 3-11pm shift and weekend, you fee me? Plus Santiago is working in civilian clothes... (wow)
Robert Aponte  --- second cousin of George Pabey and E.C. Cop is supposed to be indicted by "The Feds"(Fast, Quick and in a hurry. Another guy who'll work  "straight shift" with weekend off... Front Desk job "bro".
Willie Askew --- Another E.C. Cop who'll allegedly be indicted by The Fed on "stolen VIN numbers case. Then he'll get front desk job, straight shift and weekend off.
"Rewarded for being bad" -- These are the whispers floating around E.C.P.D as of this writing.
Don't forget Adrian Santos Jr.
He as a front desk job with straight shift and weekend off... Santos Jr., a E.C. Cop who was arrested on a domestic battery charge in Indy(2012). Allegedly beat a former girlfriend before.