Sunday, January 27, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (More honey for The Queen Bee)

Bochinche is Puerto Rican slang for gossip, you feel? Street got some bochinche from "G.I." involving "The Queen Bee". Seems as through her granddaughter was hired as Special Assistant to Lake County Recorder Mike Brown. Also is the same Mike Brown that hired this girl's grandmother.(tag team).

                                      Mike Brown - Lake County Recorder

Street Continues
Heard some bochinche that "The Queen Bee" also has a son named Mike Brown... Source claims that she was "mad as hell" since she didn't realize the strength of the "name game". Or else The Queen Bee would  have ran her son  in Lake County Recorder race 2012.

Street Continues
Bochinche also has it that one of the Lake County Employees is being investigate in that sexual assault case is the godson of "The Queen Bee". Both of them no longer working at the Lake County Government Center... case  is sitting in Bernie Carter's Office right now.  Plus report from Post Tribune informed Street that the same grandson caught a drug case ( 3 counts of selling heroin in 2010).
Y'all need to do a update on how many "kin folk" The Queen Bee has on the city and county pay-roll.