Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Street Patrol


Street (64 Chevy)
Remember the first this 64 Chevy came across my radar screen in November 2010.  The story was that Chief Gus Flores sold Commander Lance Kurmis a cream puff  "drop top" 64 Chevy Impala for $200.00. (64 Impala) that was seized in a drug deal and has been owned by E.C.P.D. for like 8 years.


Tell us the 64 Chevy Impala must go thru E.C. City Auction. Commander Kurmis was allegedly given a "sweet heart deal". Street posted the story on his blog.


Bochinche is that 64 Chevy might be under investigation by FBI and IRS. My brother!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (The chinks in the armor)

The "Chicago Magazine" did a long story on the new mayor  of Gary, Indiana in April of 2012. Naturally, they referenced her being the First African American woman to be elected Mayor of Gary , Indiana (2011). This to me was during the period of Mayor Wilson  is "Honeymoon". The date today is 2.23.13, and that "Honeymoon" is over now in Gary, Indiana.


The article referenced Delvert Cole who was in a high school marching band with her(now her deputy mayor). It also mentioned Tom Collins, CEO of Luke Oil in Hobart, Indiana. There was a big deal of him earning a dollar a year working for Mayor Wilson of Gary, Indiana. His job was to get Chicago Firms to buy into the notion that Gary is a good place to do business. That's why it was tough  for me to fathom both of the aforementioned Freeman-Wilson of Gary, Indiana.  

Street Patrol --- Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Tom Collins needed to dig into his pocket and help develop one new businesses in Gary, Indiana. Hit a "home run" and let other business in Chicago know one thing. "Come on in, the water's fine." "Lil baby can talk."

This was done, and now Tom Collins is like "Hank Harrellson"  says on the radio. "He gone!" A  little bay can talk... these folks for Missouri, you got to show them!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grand Jury

Street Patrol

Street (Grand Jury convening Thursday... Roy Dominguez)
Source told me Tuesday that a Federal Grand Jury is convening on Thursday on Hohman Avenue. Street put my Source who is always on the money thru the drill... "on a scale of 1-10 and ten being the highest, what is your source?" Street cut to chase. "He's a eleven". Source confided in me. Street than called a local cop "in the loop". He also said he heard the same thing from a "connected lawyer.
Side Bar
Early on in the same when the scandal broke @ Lake County Sheriff Office, former Sheriff Roy Dominguez said he knew nothing. This prompted Street to seek out former Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs and get their feedback. Many claimed that a sheriff and chief have "snitches" who tell them everything. Good snitch can parlay his role into straight day, weekend off and take home car. So there is incentives to "snitch". (TBC)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Bochinche with tortilla company that was in East Chicago)


A Story has surfaced is about tortilla company being "Shaken down" by George Pabey for "40 stacks". It was allegedly for purchasing property next to them on Chicago Avenue. The tortilla factory moved to Hammond and set up shop there. Source alleges they lost out on expanding tortilla business and also lost out on $40,000 dollars (Never said and kept on stepping).
"R.O.N.A. --- Redevelopment of New addition --- has also entered the "bochinche zone". Source alleges that R.O.N.A. was given illegal loan by the east Chicago Redevelopment Commissioner. ($50,000 dollars is the amount in question) (TBC)
Street Patrol
Street (Policeman didn't stutter)
It was great to see and hear a young policeman speak his mind and didn't stutter... had enough bass in his voice when he spoke at the East Chicago Board of Safety on 2.13.13 to merit street writing this update. "Amor"!
"One of mentors told me... if you feel it in your lungs, put it on your tongue! (Speak up!)
Don't necessarily agree with Mr. Richmond yes or no, but agree with his right to say it.(audio coming soon)
(Be safe out there)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Street Patrol
A Regional Gun Summit in Gary, Indiana

Friday, February 8, 2013

Street Patrol

Street --- FBI -- "It's hurry up and wait with them"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Street Patrol

This is one of the examples why our Mayor Copeland doesn't want Public Access Television in East Chicago, you feel me? "Citizens In Action", this was the show Glida Orange,  Anthony Copelan and "Hank" did for years in East Chicago on Public Access... "Streetwise Live" was my show!!!
All three of them "copped a case of amnesia" along with Mayor Copeland. "Did you say hypocrites?"

Street Patrol


When you accept 6 months with no pay for a suspension, there's something there... Bur Arcides Santiago is back to work at E.C.P.D.  Front desk duty, straight afternoon shift with weekend off. You didn't think those phone lines would be lit up like a Christmas tree on this topic? You have another E.C. cop, Adrian Santos, Jr, arrested last year in December 2012 for "domestic battery" okay!


Bochinche says Feds might be locking into case unvolving tortilla factory that used to be in East Chicago