Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Street Patrol

Minding my own business when Street got a call from a "source" who claimed he had source, you know what I'm saying?
Here Goes
Basically source who was a 10 on a scale of "one-ten" with 10 being the highest. Had some paperwork the citizens would eat up like a big fat ice cream cone... some citizens in Hammond and thru  out the county... People don't like "bully"
McDermott Jr.'s Pedigree
He used to be Republican who had dinner with Bob Stiglich (RIP) one night. McDermott expressed interest in becoming a Democrat. Bob Stiglich "blessed him" and like Tom McDermott Jr. was now a Democrat in Lake County, Indiana.
Source Opinion
See Streetwise, McDermott Jr. "cutting up" Councilman Higgs about that Higgs at "Do-Do's". How Higgs wrote a letter supporting "D0-Do's". McDermott Jr. wouldn't even take Higgs call on "WJOB".
Now look!!! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Los Perritos)
"Los Perritos habren los ojos en quince dias... Que tenemos nuestro?" 

"Puppies open their eyes in fifteen days... What's wrong with us?"
Guess who was Chief of Police?
Gus Flores!!!!



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (The Squirrely File

Read in ""The Times" that Former Chief of Police Gus Flores (East Chicago) received some kind of award... one of those where the media concentrates on "patting themselves on the back" .  Or others in business, law enforcement, health field, etc..;etc.;... Creating news events, instead of keeping their "feet in the street" gathering stories.  The tough, snity stories that are out there!!! Don't "lay down" for nobody. "The truth is the number one commodity in the news business." "Talking head on cable was quoted, and this cat "Street" was "feeling that".

Maybe Chief Gus Flores is deserving of an award

When you stop and look at how Chief Gus Flores can retire and return as Chief of Police (East Chicago) after some 23 years... heck, never heard of such a feat in "The United States of America", you feel me? None of this was possible without Former Mayor George Pabey saying yes".


"The truth set you free"

Read my blog from 2.3.2012 call "Baggage"

The Squirrely File

Bochinche out there is that a "squirrely file" exist at E.C.P.D. Just let "the jefe" at E.C.P.D. "eyeball" this stuff... then maybe we'll see "The Feds" take a look at E.C.P.D. under Gus Flores's tenure and Chief Angelo Machuca.

Back Story

Remembering source telling me about  a "secret file" at E.C.P.D. Greatest thing in the world is "competing source". New source say it's a "slap on the wrist file". Finally and the winner is "squirrely file" . Everybody smiles and laughs at the label "Squirrely File".

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Stranger pulling my coat)
     Minding my our business, when a East Chicago city employee pulled up along side of me. "Street, why don't you ever write about the School City." This guy cut to the chase. "Don't have too many people step to me about the School City. "bochinche". "You know Brain Dahlin resigned a couple of Mondays ago." Guy tells me.
      "I heard he was being looked at for East Chicago employee round up scrap for him from School City jobs, or something  like that." Street tells this Stranger.
      "You're on it." He responds.
      And this is what makes my blog work. People step up and give me "intel". You can't stop the web, "bro".
Brian Dahlin had Frankie K's old job.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Where there's smoke, there is fire. You ever hear that one?)

Words was out in the street that there were some "disgruntled" fireman (Bomberos) in Hammond who were "dropping dimes" on "Team McDermott", you feel me? Now my problem is that the "white dude" at WJOB is "in the tank" for Team McDermott won't say boo. McDermott might pull the plug on the show.
"Source Stepping Up"
Somebody from Hammond mails me. Yes, mails me some paperwork. Naturally, the letter had no return address, but that's "cool" my brother or sister!
Patrick Fitzgerald -- former U.S. Attorney -- Illinois "You're either part of the solution or part of the problem."
Bochinche (Ask Herbie Cruz)
Street had heard there was no "proctor" present when N.I.M.S test was given by Hammond Fire Department. Source alleges State Fire Marshall sends "proctor" to make sure everything is straight!
Source alleges answers were given to firemen talking "N.I.M.S test". If this allegation is true, we're talking fraud. Look at the following document, and you'll see the word "FEMA". 

P.S. -- In Atlanta, they found teachers given the answers to students, so they could rise ISTEP scores. 139 teachers were fired and so was the Superintendent of Schools in Atlanta(per Wall Street Journal)


Friday, March 15, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (Fire in East Chicago)

Everybody and their grandma were all saying the same thing. They thought of Big Dan McArdle and "tire fire" back in the day. Others mentioned that fire at The Quarterback Club; etc...etc. But it's somebody else playing the "Real Slim Shady". Bochinche is coming out that it might be arson, my brother... my source is a "bombero", you feel me?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Street Patrol

Getting Hotter


Back in the day, when Former Chief Angelo Machuca Jr. gave the Feds a office, some cops cringed. "Hey, you give them what they want, but a office, street." Cops were telling me, retired cops mostly... "I heard he brings them some Mexican bread to their office." Street quipped. And now we're getting a "second batch" of that Willie Pabey allegedly stealing $6,000 dollars from E.C. Bail Bond Fund. But a deal was made, and Willie Pabey paid the money back, and that was the end of it.  Naturally, everybody and E.C. Poe-Poe knew his cousin, George Pabey, could "squash it", and Willie Pabey  would remain E.C. Cops. But now you got E.C. in "hot water". And now the bochinche is starting again. How come "The Feds" didn't come after Willie Pabey?... Some of the "black policemen" talk under their breath. "How come they went after "Julie" and not Willie Pabey?" Cops put it to me one time.

Street responded. "Y'all know the answer to that one!"

My smoking gun --- S.B.A. audit

Cash bond receipts --- 94 days to the City Clerk Office.

Hand gun permit receipts --- 491 days to the city controllers office.

Street Continues

How do we comprehend the way Willie Pabey, E.C. Cop, behaves and has already in "hot water" in 2002. He even plead guilty to misdemeanor thief at Harrah's with 2 other E.C. Cops. And here he is in 2007, allegedly stealing again. (E.C. Bail Bond Fund) How many chances you get.


Source alleges Willie Pabey and Julie Moore(Chief Angelo Machuca's secretary) were stealing from E.C Bail Bond Fund at the same time.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Smoke signal in Hammond)


There are source "coming out the closet" and I'm not talking "gay" here...  allegedly there is whispers of  the FBI. Looking at some "Bomberos" from Hammond Fire Department as of this writing (3.3.13).  And one "Bomberos" in particular, "ten four"? It ain't Opinker...
"Bomberos", Mayor McDermott can have "Due The Mailman" call Herbie Cruz up at E.C. Fire to find out what "Bomberos" means.
The Indiana Gaming Commission is currently investigation the thousands spent on dumpster in Hammond.  3.3.13, the Litmus Test will be for WJOB to call the Indiana Gaming Commission (317-233-0046). Ask Mayor Tom (we got sloppy) McDermott Jr. live on his radio show Friday!!!
McDermott like Philpot
He got his council compadres in Hammond to pass a ordinance to cut out using casino money for dumpster. Philpot tried to pay the money back to prove he's a good sport, you feel me? Hammons might be looking at fraud charges by certain sitting councilman over there ($200, 000 and more spent in dumpsters)
My source alleges
There was a certain councilman who was working with a contractor who lived in Hammond, but worked in Illinois. Allegedly, the scheme was this: Contractor from Illinois would pay said councilman for disposing of contractors' debris which was being dumped in rented dumpsters. Source then alleges councilman would tax contractor for hauling away trash and debris.