Sunday, March 10, 2013

Street Patrol

Getting Hotter


Back in the day, when Former Chief Angelo Machuca Jr. gave the Feds a office, some cops cringed. "Hey, you give them what they want, but a office, street." Cops were telling me, retired cops mostly... "I heard he brings them some Mexican bread to their office." Street quipped. And now we're getting a "second batch" of that Willie Pabey allegedly stealing $6,000 dollars from E.C. Bail Bond Fund. But a deal was made, and Willie Pabey paid the money back, and that was the end of it.  Naturally, everybody and E.C. Poe-Poe knew his cousin, George Pabey, could "squash it", and Willie Pabey  would remain E.C. Cops. But now you got E.C. in "hot water". And now the bochinche is starting again. How come "The Feds" didn't come after Willie Pabey?... Some of the "black policemen" talk under their breath. "How come they went after "Julie" and not Willie Pabey?" Cops put it to me one time.

Street responded. "Y'all know the answer to that one!"

My smoking gun --- S.B.A. audit

Cash bond receipts --- 94 days to the City Clerk Office.

Hand gun permit receipts --- 491 days to the city controllers office.

Street Continues

How do we comprehend the way Willie Pabey, E.C. Cop, behaves and has already in "hot water" in 2002. He even plead guilty to misdemeanor thief at Harrah's with 2 other E.C. Cops. And here he is in 2007, allegedly stealing again. (E.C. Bail Bond Fund) How many chances you get.


Source alleges Willie Pabey and Julie Moore(Chief Angelo Machuca's secretary) were stealing from E.C Bail Bond Fund at the same time.