Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Street Patrol

Minding my own business when Street got a call from a "source" who claimed he had source, you know what I'm saying?
Here Goes
Basically source who was a 10 on a scale of "one-ten" with 10 being the highest. Had some paperwork the citizens would eat up like a big fat ice cream cone... some citizens in Hammond and thru  out the county... People don't like "bully"
McDermott Jr.'s Pedigree
He used to be Republican who had dinner with Bob Stiglich (RIP) one night. McDermott expressed interest in becoming a Democrat. Bob Stiglich "blessed him" and like Tom McDermott Jr. was now a Democrat in Lake County, Indiana.
Source Opinion
See Streetwise, McDermott Jr. "cutting up" Councilman Higgs about that Higgs at "Do-Do's". How Higgs wrote a letter supporting "D0-Do's". McDermott Jr. wouldn't even take Higgs call on "WJOB".
Now look!!!