Sunday, March 3, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Smoke signal in Hammond)


There are source "coming out the closet" and I'm not talking "gay" here...  allegedly there is whispers of  the FBI. Looking at some "Bomberos" from Hammond Fire Department as of this writing (3.3.13).  And one "Bomberos" in particular, "ten four"? It ain't Opinker...
"Bomberos", Mayor McDermott can have "Due The Mailman" call Herbie Cruz up at E.C. Fire to find out what "Bomberos" means.
The Indiana Gaming Commission is currently investigation the thousands spent on dumpster in Hammond.  3.3.13, the Litmus Test will be for WJOB to call the Indiana Gaming Commission (317-233-0046). Ask Mayor Tom (we got sloppy) McDermott Jr. live on his radio show Friday!!!
McDermott like Philpot
He got his council compadres in Hammond to pass a ordinance to cut out using casino money for dumpster. Philpot tried to pay the money back to prove he's a good sport, you feel me? Hammons might be looking at fraud charges by certain sitting councilman over there ($200, 000 and more spent in dumpsters)
My source alleges
There was a certain councilman who was working with a contractor who lived in Hammond, but worked in Illinois. Allegedly, the scheme was this: Contractor from Illinois would pay said councilman for disposing of contractors' debris which was being dumped in rented dumpsters. Source then alleges councilman would tax contractor for hauling away trash and debris.