Sunday, March 17, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Where there's smoke, there is fire. You ever hear that one?)

Words was out in the street that there were some "disgruntled" fireman (Bomberos) in Hammond who were "dropping dimes" on "Team McDermott", you feel me? Now my problem is that the "white dude" at WJOB is "in the tank" for Team McDermott won't say boo. McDermott might pull the plug on the show.
"Source Stepping Up"
Somebody from Hammond mails me. Yes, mails me some paperwork. Naturally, the letter had no return address, but that's "cool" my brother or sister!
Patrick Fitzgerald -- former U.S. Attorney -- Illinois "You're either part of the solution or part of the problem."
Bochinche (Ask Herbie Cruz)
Street had heard there was no "proctor" present when N.I.M.S test was given by Hammond Fire Department. Source alleges State Fire Marshall sends "proctor" to make sure everything is straight!
Source alleges answers were given to firemen talking "N.I.M.S test". If this allegation is true, we're talking fraud. Look at the following document, and you'll see the word "FEMA". 

P.S. -- In Atlanta, they found teachers given the answers to students, so they could rise ISTEP scores. 139 teachers were fired and so was the Superintendent of Schools in Atlanta(per Wall Street Journal)