Monday, April 15, 2013

Queen Bee

Street Patrol
Street (Queen Bee)

Street Patrol (87% of County budget goes to safety and the courts)
Working under the premise, let's look at our county government in action. This case involves 2 Lake County housekeeping employees who work part time. Both are political connected. "Peppa" is Godson of "The Queen Bee". His parents both work for Lake County Government.  "Salt & Peppa" are suspects in rape case that allegedly happened at the Government Center. 

Street continues

Do we know where the disconnect was? Woman in custody of Lake County Sheriff doing her work release  was sexually assaulted . Sheriff Department investigated the case and passed it on to Lake County Prosecutor Bernie Carter. What up?

Back Story

The Queen Bee's Godson allegedly had a case of 3 counts of selling heroin in 2010. But still hired to work at Lake County Government Center?

Update 4.15.13

All we know "Salt & Peppa" no longer working at the government center.

Big Picture

If woman was sexually assaulted, she may have ground to sue the Lake County Sheriff Dept.


County option income tax is vote for "The Queen Bee"!