Friday, April 5, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (Homicides hitting home)

It was shocking to me as well as a lot of other people in East Chicago when the three homicides hit home. We're  talking two homicides on Evergreen in  the 39th block. Then other side of 39th block of Fern about one block away from the third homicide, mister, you feel  me?

You can see the candles above at the exact location where Willie S. Cook was found dead on Emerson Street abo. Sun was shining today as life moves on.

This is where Odie Gray fell to his death on the side of the house on Evergreen. Flowers sit where friends showed some love.

Earnestine Tarver fell to her death to the right of mound of dirt. This was in the back yard on Fern Street. You can almost throw a rock from here to the other two homicides on Evergreen.

Street continues

If you have any information regarding these homicides, please call the East Chicago Police Department. Street saw neighbors crack their doors and "peeped me" while others peeped out windows as I walked the street. It was important that Street had a point of reference where people can "feel me". "That's a shame." You hear people saying and continued "stepping". But let it be one of their family members gets murdered, and they wanna bring in the National Guard, okay. Yeah, it is a shame by not stepping forward with information on these homicides. You become an "enabler"!!!

Somebody seem something, and they might know something." Do the right thing when nobody is looking."
East Chicago Police phone line. 219-391-8500