Sunday, April 28, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (No Woo-Woo-Woo)

"Feds Don't Come to Hammond."

White dude from Hammond told me.

Street (No woo-woo-woo)

It was somewhere in 2010 that people started dropping dimes on Al Salinas II 2nd District City Councilman in Hammond, Indiana. Translation, people were starting to talk about some of the "practices" of Al Salinas II. who worked as a foreman on the Hammond Street Department. The main one was the proverbial: Doing snow removal with city truck and on city time. Had business that paid him cash to do "snow removal" for them. Some "Cat" even had addresses of the locations.

No "woo-woo-woo"

Street asked Al. "Al, they're saying you're doing snow removal using city truck on city time." Street cut right to the chase. "Man, it didn't even snow that much last year."
Al told me over the cell phone. "Lord have mercy, what happened to hell no!"
Street muttered to himself.
End of the Day
FBI indicts Al for bribery and federal income tax evasion. Al is expected to change his not guilty plea to guilty!
Who's on deck?
Bochinche says "bomberos" might be next.