Friday, May 31, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Back Story II)
This is pure speculation, but this Person A could be a woman who allegedly received "text message" from George Van Til that could be deemed inappropriate.

It was further part of the scheme that in(etc;etc.)

Why Street got in the game?
Because you see stories or cases that just "fall thru the cracks" in Lake County, Indiana. This woman may have been a victim of sexual assault. "The Feds" could maybe have other priorities.
Other Example
Just this month, Street "flew a kite" to The Times to try and find out what was up? Sexual assault case at the government center in January 2013.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Street Patrol

Hammond Federal Courthouse

Street (McDermott, Jr. talking trash about the Feds)

Mayor Tom McDermott was on Friday doing his weekly on WJOB(1240AM). The discussion toward the end of the show was the Feds. And it was like what's up. Has McDermott Jr. gone loco? "The Freudian Slip" in the newspaper where he mentions "The Feds". And now you had Dedelow "feeding him, they "went off"!
Mayor McDermott Jr., "Sometimes, the voters don't vote out a guy. The Department of Justice takes the matters into their own hands."
Mayor McDermott Jr., "They take the will of the voters in their own hands."
Mr. Dedelow, " Do the Feds have to be wary of not being prejudiced toward elected officials?"
Mayor McDermott Jr., "I know of situations involving Republicans in this county that aren't appropriated. And they're not scrutinized."
Mayor McDermott Jr., "High profile in your face type of guys."
When explaining what kind of guys "Feds" indicted, those attributes apply to McDermott Jr. "to the bone", my brother!
(To Be Continued)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (The Back Story)

There has been a woman who's been calling a friend of mines, Claims that she has "intel" on George Van Til that came from the "the source" who is a "ten" on a scale of one-ten, and ten being the highest, you feel me? It involved George Van Til and a woman....

... Don't want to "go in the gutter", but they were "cochinadas". Ask "Ray Garcia, Jr." what "cochinadas" are. Theme of "sexual overtones". Those were the text messages. Source claims that he told the woman "to go EEOC", or else put the "text message" away. And this is what Street was listening to Allegations out here!
It got my "blank" harder than "Chinese Algebra". There is a paper trail on these text message between Mr. George Van Til and said woman. This can amount to a "smoking gun". Allegedly?
The Feds
Mr. Hero made claims of Mr. George Van Til "rising contracts"... Wondered why the Feds didn't want to go down that road.
Wishful thinking & hoping don't get it done.
You gotta have proof, not just some "woo-woo-woo"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (WJOB in the tank)
 This was some years back like in 2009 when former Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago was on the "The FBI's Radar Screen". "They're on him like a cheep suite." "White dude" from Munster told me when shit was "warming up".

George Pabey
Street Continues
"They're petty thieves, Street." Some Lawyer who knows damn near everything tells me.
The money
It's about time to contact the local media. Street calls up and gets Mr. Dedelow on the phone. "I was just wondering if you're listening audience is aware if it... but Mayor George Pabey is about a "cup of coffee" away from being indicted." Street made his opening statement. And in a instant, you had Mr. Dedelow running interference for Mayor George Pabey. "Well. we're not gonna speculate, Ricardo." Mr. Dedelow right away cut me off. "We don't want to speculate on this until we know, etc.; etc."  Mr. Dedelow running interference for Mayor George Pabey. Street was a gentleman and just let it go. It's just so obvious what Dedelow was doing since "everybody and their grandma" called up WJOB and speculated. But Street was cut off at the knees.

Life's A Bitch

Street is calling up the East Chicago Public Library, and they put me on... (This after the beef with WJOB) And suddenly there was Mr. Dedelow's voice coming through the cell phone. It was a rebroadcast of a radio show the city of East Chicago with WJOB. In the beginning, you had Mayor George Pabey come on the radio show.  Mostly an congratulations on becoming the first Hispanic Mayor of East Chicago, etc., etc. (All ice cream) But when the wheel  started to "fall off" he never came back on the radio...


The taped rebroadcast of East Chicago Radio Show could be shown on Public Access Channel 21 in East Chicago was "signage" prominently displayed.

End Result

This is why Mr. Dedelow ran some interference for his customer... I get that part... but just be up front. "I'm in the tank for all my customers."


Some 2 weeks after the phone call to WJOB, Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago was indicted by the Feds. (You know the rest, my brother.)


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Jaime & Sal)

Jaime grew up to be a "I.G."(Imperial Gangster), and he was shot and killed by rivals on Alder Street. His brother, "Black Sal", also grew up to be a "I.G.". He's in "M.C.C Chicago" living just got caught up by this Federal Task Force. Street thought of the "jefita" (mother) is Mothers Day approaches!!!
"God love you"
Ricardo "Streetwise" Moreno
Note: Goung guys in their early thirites as of this wring. R.I.P. Jaime.