Monday, May 27, 2013

Street Patrol

Hammond Federal Courthouse

Street (McDermott, Jr. talking trash about the Feds)

Mayor Tom McDermott was on Friday doing his weekly on WJOB(1240AM). The discussion toward the end of the show was the Feds. And it was like what's up. Has McDermott Jr. gone loco? "The Freudian Slip" in the newspaper where he mentions "The Feds". And now you had Dedelow "feeding him, they "went off"!
Mayor McDermott Jr., "Sometimes, the voters don't vote out a guy. The Department of Justice takes the matters into their own hands."
Mayor McDermott Jr., "They take the will of the voters in their own hands."
Mr. Dedelow, " Do the Feds have to be wary of not being prejudiced toward elected officials?"
Mayor McDermott Jr., "I know of situations involving Republicans in this county that aren't appropriated. And they're not scrutinized."
Mayor McDermott Jr., "High profile in your face type of guys."
When explaining what kind of guys "Feds" indicted, those attributes apply to McDermott Jr. "to the bone", my brother!
(To Be Continued)