Sunday, June 23, 2013

Streetwise Archives (1986)

                                                  Low Blow's 64's Chevy


Fresh back from Los Angeles, it was time for Street to make a movie. We shot it on video and produced in East Chicago. Olympia Restaurant in background. (Bonita White opening in 2 month(

                        Dino Cruz         Street              Perry Jackson


Dino Cruz is taking me away for questioning. Perry Jackson in the background with "jheri curl". . P.R. Frankie said. "Dino Cruz should have went to Holly
wood instead of being E.C. Cop.

               Duke                         Street                            Kenny


Everybody up against the wall. Them is real guns Duke and Kenny had... People who drove by thought it was a real drug bust on Main Street.

                               In front of "Jack & Mary's"


Street had given "Jack & Mary" a 100 dollars to do some video taping inside the bar(138th and Main). She said that after we left, not one person came in. They got spooked, though it wasn't  a real drug bust.

               Aniceto                     Moose                            Buzzer


Street is lying on the ground dead. The guy who shot me at the end was beaten up by the local "Harbor Guys".

Stay Cool!!!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Guilty or Not Guilty that's question)

This guy, Jerome Lynch, is all over the social media using the term allegations. Mr. Lynch is referring to the stolen camera at the Genesis Center in which he is the center of attention. He also claimed that he took Times' photograph camera by mistake. In reality, there is a witness who had seen Mr. Lynch leave the Genesis with two cameras.
   The part that irks me if this theft would have been committed by a “young guy” wearing baggy pants that was hanging down low on “his behind”. They would have “put cuffs” on him... and the Fireman(Mr. Lynch) had on his fireman's uniform with his pants “pulled up”
   There are sources who have said that Mr. Lynch actually had taken the camera home. On the phone, he was convinced that he was on the video surveillance tape, and he would be in deep trouble. The camera was returned to “top brass” of the Gary Fire Department Fire House.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (How low can you go?)

Yesterday at former Mayor Rudy Clay's funeral the unthinkable happened. A Fireman allegedly stole a camera from the Photographer of the "The Times". People there put the word out that who ever stole the camera better bring it back. Claimed that he would be discovered on video tape from security system. Fireman got scared ire Department. The camera was returned. Ted Brown know. Don't believe Street. Ask Ted Brown is what a source told me. He knows what went down.
Question for Sheriff Buncich
Next time he comes on the radio station(WLTH) ask him about this incident. He knows all about it. There is a police report.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Street Patrol

Sheraton Hotel in Gary, Indiana
Street (Sheraton Hotel 2013)

        Lil Bird told me that inspectors discovered asbestos inside the abandoned building. The problem is City of Gary paid $780,000 to a company from East Chicago to remove the asbestos.
       "Federal money, Street." Source is telling me. Feds on it like a "cheap suite".
       "You aren't just woo-woo-wooing, are you?" Street cut to the chase.
       The guy looked me straight , dead in the eye. "I'm trying to give you a scoop for your Blog, Bro," this cat tells me.
       "Love, bro," Street tells him.
       "I just don't want you telling people I told you." Cat made his point.
      "Come on, bro, you can rob a bank with me." we both laughed out loud as guys talked "trash".

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (Beef @ Whihala Beach)
It's going on 3 Sundays ago now that source from Hammond "flew me a that kite". Claims two "rival crews" had a big brawl at Whihala Beach (Whiting). 13 people were arrested, and one person was shot during the uprising... It got so tough that Whiting PD had to call ECPD for backup to quell the uprising!!! Checked with sources and got a "ten-four" on it. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bus People