Monday, June 10, 2013

Street Patrol

Sheraton Hotel in Gary, Indiana
Street (Sheraton Hotel 2013)

        Lil Bird told me that inspectors discovered asbestos inside the abandoned building. The problem is City of Gary paid $780,000 to a company from East Chicago to remove the asbestos.
       "Federal money, Street." Source is telling me. Feds on it like a "cheap suite".
       "You aren't just woo-woo-wooing, are you?" Street cut to the chase.
       The guy looked me straight , dead in the eye. "I'm trying to give you a scoop for your Blog, Bro," this cat tells me.
       "Love, bro," Street tells him.
       "I just don't want you telling people I told you." Cat made his point.
      "Come on, bro, you can rob a bank with me." we both laughed out loud as guys talked "trash".