Thursday, July 18, 2013

Street Patrol
"Revisiting that Special Caucus 1.25.10"

Source out there are now stopping to revisit this special caucus over there at the Hammond Civic Center(1.25.10). Some "white cat" from me South County who eats up this "political minutia" "schedule". This source is telling me that Myrna Maldonado was being supported by former Mayor George Pabey of east Chicago. But he was supporting Myrna just to "farm her out to" Crown Point. Then Mayor Pabey could pick her successor to East Chicago Council-At-Large. Pabey was Mayor and Chairman of East Chicago. Democratic Precinct Organization back them... 
This word used to describe the back drop of this Lake County Recorder "Special Caucus vote". This is where all 561 Democratic Precinct Committeemen from all over Lake County are eligible to caste a vote.



Street continues

Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. at the center of "Quid Pro Quo"? ("dis for dat", you feel me?")

Roy Dominguez's role in Special Caucus next.