Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Street Patrol

Street ("Queen Bee in play")


    This is a story that has been marinating for awhile... The Queen Bee was now officially on my "radar screen". Bet you  that the Queen Bee knows that this ain't no "woo-woo-woo", you feel me?  And Gary, Indiana wants investors to "pony up" 100 million on expansion of Gary Airport and development. Queen Bee wears "2 hats" -- Lake County Councilperson and high ranking member of the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization.
Legend has it
Queen Bee has 30 relatives on city and county payrolls. Son with 3 jobs!!!
Side Bar

Unknown "white guy" named Mike Brown ran for Lake County Recorder in 2011... Our Lake County Clerk is named Mike Brown (African-American). The Queen Bee sees to the unknown "white guy" won the Lake County Recorders race in 2011. Use the same color for his yard signs that Mike Brown (African American) used for his yard signs. The Queen Bee was pissed. Had she known this. She would have ran her son, Mike Brown. All of this according to Source.