Thursday, August 1, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (ATM Machines)

     The first time street heard these A.T.M was about 3 weeks ago. Some white dude from Hammond sees me in Frankie Restaurant in Hessville. "Bobby Lendi has ATM machines scattered through out Hammond". This "white dude" tells me. Mexican Dude with him co-signs for him by nodding his head for yes, but there is no location or address... nothing.
     "What's name of this company?" Street probed.
     He just hunched his shoulders.
     "Okay, bro, I'll keep my antenna out there." Street told them. Location would be nice. "Lord put somebody in my path."
    This person started to talk about my show (Streetwise Live) in Hammond. Then they started out about Bobby Lendi and his ATM machines.
    "Where are they at?" Street probed.
    Source leaned forward and whispered in my ear.
    It's amazing how my show, Streetwise Live, got me photo of ATM machine!!!. Another source first heard about ATM machines and Hammond City Controller Bobby Lendi 3 years ago. Hammond City Councilman confirmed the 3 year time table for ATM machines. Bobby Lendi first surfaced in Hammond.
   P.S. Snoring in the background is The Times and WJOB!!!