Thursday, October 24, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (Kevin Carr)
This was a guy who supposedly all set to become Chief Deputy Michelle Fajmin's Lake County Recorders Office... Source goes on to say that "The Queen Bee" got a phone call from Kevin Carr... Kevin Carr gave the Queen Bee the news about new appointment as "Chief Deputy" in Lake County Recorders Office. Queen Bee wasn't "feeling that", and she let it be known Queen Bee "called the shot".
Fast, Quick, and in a hurry
Kevin Carr was "out of the picture" and here appears Darren Washington as the Chief Deputy in Lake County Recorders Office... And Michelle Fajmin had to "sign off" on the deal!!! 
Right now 10.24.13
Source alleges that the FBI is in "G.I.", my brother. And "the Queen Bee" might have problems, you feel me?

Street Continues
The aforementioned scenario has some interesting dynamics when you look at it.
  1.  Darren Washington --- Gary
  2. Kevin Carr --- Gary
  3. Queen Bee --- Gary
  4. Michelle Fajmin --- Scherillville
 My Source on this scenario
The source is better than a government check, you feel me? Street don't play!!!
"A lot of people played ball with, and they did... they're gonna be up to bat soon."
Darren Washington's Protégé --- next update. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (My Brother's Keeper)

There are sources who allege that Mayor McDermott is helping not hoping his brother transfer liquor license from "Aquavor Night Club ". "The Stadium LLC" is at 5253 Hohman which is right across the street.

Street Continues
Aquavor Night Club has been having a lot of problems with rowdy crowds and parking problems which make it difficult to operate. Is this a new "watering hole" for Marty.


Mr. Ray Rapchak please "comprende que dos y dos son cuatro".  "Understand that two and two is four". One only has to look at Mctavern's, and how they were shut down after somebody got shot. Then further north on Indianapolis Blvd you had "De Rosa's" who "took up the slack " Mctavern's left. Then "De Rosa's was shut down after act of violence?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Street Patrol
Street (Honeymoon Over)

Letter to the editor(The Times)
     The honeymoon for Mayor Wilson of Gary, Indiana is over now 9.7.13. The scathing evaluation by the “I.S.P.” of the Gary Police Department will serve as my “smoking gun”. And don’t think those private investors for the Gary Airport missed the articles in our local newspapers.
     In the street, they use the term “co-sign” to convey backing up or lending somebody your support. This “Gary Poe-Poe Mayor Wilson “co-signed for even tried to bride “I.S.P.” once was caught dirty. And she gave him a “white shirt” on Gary Police Department. Lord have mercy!!!
Ricardo “Streetwise” Moreno

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Street Patrol

Street  (13,000 population and $2,000,000 in the red)

The town of Lake Station may start to get "real hot". And you know that saying, Where there's smoke, there's fire." Source alleges that Mayor's daughter might have stolen $18,000 dollars from Lake Station City Court.
East Chicago that Street know of had 2 cops who had stolen money from East Chicago Bail Bond Fund. Chief Angelo Machuca, Jr,'s secretary also stole like 24,000 dollars from same E.C. Bail Bond Fund. It was like what else is new?