Thursday, October 24, 2013

Street Patrol

Street (Kevin Carr)
This was a guy who supposedly all set to become Chief Deputy Michelle Fajmin's Lake County Recorders Office... Source goes on to say that "The Queen Bee" got a phone call from Kevin Carr... Kevin Carr gave the Queen Bee the news about new appointment as "Chief Deputy" in Lake County Recorders Office. Queen Bee wasn't "feeling that", and she let it be known Queen Bee "called the shot".
Fast, Quick, and in a hurry
Kevin Carr was "out of the picture" and here appears Darren Washington as the Chief Deputy in Lake County Recorders Office... And Michelle Fajmin had to "sign off" on the deal!!! 
Right now 10.24.13
Source alleges that the FBI is in "G.I.", my brother. And "the Queen Bee" might have problems, you feel me?

Street Continues
The aforementioned scenario has some interesting dynamics when you look at it.
  1.  Darren Washington --- Gary
  2. Kevin Carr --- Gary
  3. Queen Bee --- Gary
  4. Michelle Fajmin --- Scherillville
 My Source on this scenario
The source is better than a government check, you feel me? Street don't play!!!
"A lot of people played ball with, and they did... they're gonna be up to bat soon."
Darren Washington's Protégé --- next update.