Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving - Street

Street Patrol
Happy Thanksgiving
Once again AmeriStar Casino out did themselves by serving a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings. And partnering with the Salvation Army. The event was a huge success. People from Ivy Tech were helping out by volunteering their services to make the event a success, Ditto for the Salvation Army and AmeriStar Casino volunteers also dipped in. God Bless everybody and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK in East Chicago in early 60's

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Photographs from when John F Kennedy visited East Chicago in the early 60's. Enjoy the "throwback" from a historic event in our town of East Chicago.

These photos were from a guy who purchased a house in "Marktown". Photos were in the basement.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Go East Chicago Cardinals Go!

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Street (Good Luck East Chicago Central Cardinals 2014)

Mayor Copeland and Team Fagen Pharmacy

Peoples Bank in East Chicago

Quarterback Lounge

County Market in East Chicago


Win, Lose or Draw, we got your back... Congratulations on a great football.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'd Rather Be Fishing

Street Patrol

Letter to the Editor

The motivation for this letter is provided by a friend of mines who loves to fish. On the front of his truck, there is a “I’d rather be fishing” license plate. This gentleman, Louis Williams, would give up the shirt off his back, you got me? It was during a time when he, Mr. Louis Williams, was trying to launch his 20 foot boat into the water. The boat got away from Mr. Williams and his friend and drifted out into the lake in Saugatuck, Michigan. This is the part of the story that got my attention. Mr. Williams received a bill of $704.44 to recover his 20 foot boat.



            _/    labor for 3 Officers --- $135.00
            _/    Chief --- $80.41
            _/    labor for 5 firefighters --- 183.00
            _/    Fire boat 2 --- $50.00
           _/    one engine ---- 150.00

What was the Chief doing on this call, and 5 Firefighters is kinda excessive. It’s my hope that this bill isn’t excessive because Mr. Williams has “dark skin”.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Street Patrol

"Shot Callers In East Chicago"


It was Mayor George Pabey and Chief Angelo Machuca of E.C.P.D. Willie Pabey, a E.C Patrolman, was Mayor George Pabey's cousin.  He allegedly stole $6,000 dollars from East Chicago Bail Bond Fund. Deal was struck where Willie Pabey, E.C. Patrolman, had to make restitution on the stolen $6,00o dollars from East Chicago Bail Bond Fund. And then you had Chief Angelo Machuca's secretary(Julie Moore) to steal $26,000 dollars from East Chicago Bail Bond Fund. Resigned from her job, but no jail time.

There was also allegations a East Chicago Mexican cop who's in Federal prison as of this writing stole from East Chicago Bail Bond Fund.

My Beef

Where was Mary Morris Leonard on this and following scenario. Seems to Street she was rollin' with Team Pabey!

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