Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'd Rather Be Fishing

Street Patrol

Letter to the Editor

The motivation for this letter is provided by a friend of mines who loves to fish. On the front of his truck, there is a “I’d rather be fishing” license plate. This gentleman, Louis Williams, would give up the shirt off his back, you got me? It was during a time when he, Mr. Louis Williams, was trying to launch his 20 foot boat into the water. The boat got away from Mr. Williams and his friend and drifted out into the lake in Saugatuck, Michigan. This is the part of the story that got my attention. Mr. Williams received a bill of $704.44 to recover his 20 foot boat.



            _/    labor for 3 Officers --- $135.00
            _/    Chief --- $80.41
            _/    labor for 5 firefighters --- 183.00
            _/    Fire boat 2 --- $50.00
           _/    one engine ---- 150.00

What was the Chief doing on this call, and 5 Firefighters is kinda excessive. It’s my hope that this bill isn’t excessive because Mr. Williams has “dark skin”.