Friday, December 20, 2013

Street Patrol
"Put down that crack pipe!"

      Talked to some "black dude", who said he was supporting Mary Morris Leonard for Mayor in 2015. Street listened as this guy tried to make his case. "She's gonna appointed a Mexican as he deputy mayor... Mary is only gonna stay for one year, and then Mary is gonna give the job of Mayor to the "Mexican Guy". This Black Dude was looking at me eyeball to eyeball as he "broke it down".
      Street just laughed at such "B.S." "You better put down that "crack pipe", bro." Street responded
      "I'm serious, Street." The guy went on.
      "Me, too, 'cause who you gonna sell that bullshit to?" Street forced the issue.
Month or two later, Street ran into the same guy. "Mary just gonna stay for one term only." He changed his story. This ran through my mind as a "calendar plugger" arrived at the house and around the city to other resident as well.