Sunday, December 8, 2013

Street Patrol
Street ("Bochinche" on G.I.)

Ronier Scott

For the tourists who might be scratching their heads over the word "Bochinche"... Rumor is what this word mean in Spanish. (Puerto Rican slang). "Bochinche" tells us that "Feds" have been looking at Ronier Scott --- Gary City Councilman. Now we hear Feds are looking at "Big Walter"? 

"Bochinche" has it that Feds are looking at Elsie Franklin, Lake County Councilperson and Chairperson of Gary Democratic? The phrase "person of interest" comes to mind. "Bochinche" tell us in 2011 Lake County Candidates may have dropped cash payments to "Queen Bee"!

"Bochinche" has it that "local boss" has been using money from bus company for his own political career? Does corporate know this?

Street continues
"Bochinche" is wondering how "local boss" from bus company and 2 members of Gary Scholl Board have radio shows on WLTH. Who's paying the freight?


"Bochinche" hears there is question about "gobble, gobble give away @ this office?