Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Van Til Admits Guilt

Street Patrol

EEOC -  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
George Van Til admitted his guilt and "laid down" for "The Feds", and Street gets that... But can't forget a woman who used to work for George Van Til.... Source alleges that she came to him seeking solace. The black woman allegedly showed my source some "text messages" from George Van Til. Van Til wanted some "you know what". Source tried to "get her straight."  Take those text messages to "EEOC" and see what they say or else keep 'em in your pocket," the advice he gave her.
Potential sexual harassment case facing our George Van Til? That's my beef. "Papers" or "Feds" don't give a shit about that case!!!
Bottom Line
All that woman has to do is call EEOC. "Para las otras." for the other women who encountered the same.