Saturday, December 27, 2014

Verify A Tip

Street Patrol


"Out in the field trying to verify a tip that Mary Elgin was using her employees to do campaign work on "trustee dime", you feel me? Enter stage door left, Steven Hunter, Mary Elgin's son, who works for his mother. Steven displayed a sense of humor that day by deciding to take a photo of us taking a photo. Steven Hunter looked "real serious"  now on the steeps of the federal courthouse on Hohman Avenue. But we must remember that all of them are innocent until proven guilty.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

They In The Gutter, Y'all

Street Patrol
"They In The Gutter, Y'all"
     Source has told me that Alex Wheeler had a tendency to "grope" female client who came to Calumet Trustee's Office looking for relief. Mr. Wheeler was employed at "Job search" for the Trustee Office at 6th and Connecticut where said groping is alleged to have happened. He also allegedly brought some of the female client a quarter pound. There was a female client who had somebody to contact "EEOC" after she was allegedly "groped" by Mr.. Wheeler. Before you know it, this woman was hired by Calumet Trustee's Office? Never followed through with complaint to the office of "EEOC"? Source further alleges Mr. Wheeler also had sex with a female client inside office at Trustee's office .
Lord Have Mercy

Friday, December 19, 2014

Amigo de Libroteca (Friend of the Library)

Street Patrol
"Amigo de libroteca"
"Friend of the Library

     Putting this update together, Street ran into Fernando Perez Jr. at McDonald's... He's gonna donate pictures of his father, Fernando Perez Sr for the library. Hope other people will share those "golden nuggets" with E.C. Public Library.
Feliz Navidad
Ricardo "Streetwise" Moreno

Friday, December 12, 2014

Where we Headed?

Street Patrol
"Where We Headed?"

      You see the progress right down the street from the library and notice that it's merely and mortar... we needed some fundamental change and a new mindset here in East Chicago. Not the stupid and ignorant stuff happening at the E.C. Main Library... These are "terrorist threat" and authorities to treat them seriously... don't play with this individual!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mark Montemayor Story

From the Streets

Street Patrol

"Mark Montemayor Story"



            “This was in early 1990's when an E.C. Cops 'went off' and shot his wife and himself the day before this E.C. Cop (Mark Montemayor) had beaten and tortured his wife for 3 hours the day before he shot her.  This guy put his gun inside his wife's “privates” during the torture”.
            Street talked with an attorney who was trying to get a “restraining order” against Officer Mark Montemayor. This lawyer went on and started to “give me the goods”.  Street had told him how Street was in the middle of trying to tell Gilbert Bonilla's story Lawyer then proceeded to tell Street about what happened at St. Catherine's Hospital.

             Lawyer goes on to tell me that when he asked for copy of Mrs. Montemayor's medical records he was told, “There was no record of Mrs. Montemayor being treated at St. Catherine's Hospital”.
            This lawyer who told Street this over the phone “got loose”.  He started telling me the “good shit”.  “I talked to Pabey and he was shaking”.  Source goes on.
            And the Chief of Police at the time was none other than George Pabey.  Who according to a source was an active E.C. Poe-Poe.  Allege, that patrolman was instructed to ignore Mrs. Montemayor's calls to E.C.P.D. When her husband Mark Montemayor beat her up,  “Just act like you can't find the address”  Welcome to East Chicago, Indiana!

Back Story:

            The next day after he tortured her for 3 hours Mark Montemayor arrived at St. Catherine's Hospital, this according to retired E.C. Cop.  Sgt. Briones spotted him and simply old him, “Get out of here”.  Sgt. Briones didn't make one attempt to take away Montemayor's radio or gun.  Furthermore there was nothing in regards to Montemayor being written up by Sgt. Briones for beating his wife.  “Unbelievable!”  Was all he could say?  “Briones let him skate”.  Street told this retired cop.  “Yep” cop nodded his head up and down.


            Everybody at E.C.P.D. Knew Mark Montemayor had “issues” but they looked the other way instead of getting some help for Officer Mark Montemayor.  Leadership starts at the top.