Sunday, January 26, 2014

Street Patrol

Street (Bochinche)

There was also a witness who claimed that he sold drugs to East Chicago cop when asked by Assistant U.S. Attorney David Nozick. This was during Richie Reye's trial in downtown Hammond at Federal Courthouse. And before you can say boo, some emails started coming thru. Sources were claiming Jorge Valdez, a former East Chicago cop .Gang  and Drug Unit. Was "let go" when he refused to take a drug test. This is a equal toa positive drug test at E.C.P.D. Jorge Valdez quietly resigned and disappeared. It seems that somebody had called the "tip line" and "drop a dime" on Valdez... Said Jorge Valdez was doing was "doing a line of coke" with a girl that they knew. Next day, all members of East Chicago P.D. drug unit were then asked to take a drug test... Valdez refused to "take piss test" . ("Compadre to Macho", you feel me?)

Other Bochinche

There's another East Chicago Poe-Poe who's being locked by the Feds.

(stay tuned)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Street Patrol
Cheap Shot

I was listening to WJOB for the first time in a while and only listened for the weather report. Jed used to carry former East Chicago Mayor George Pabey’s water, so Street “got off the bus”. Some guy had called in to give weather report from his car. Woo-woo-woo.” But then he talked about seeing a coyote on Indy Blvd in East Chicago. “Right there by that Catholic school by Central High School.” Caller meant St Mary’s in East Chicago.”
 “Coyote, you sure? “ Jed asked. Guy stuck to his gun and told him again. “Yeah, a coyote.” Then another dude called and referenced the call about the coyote. Right here is where “JED” dropped the ball. With all these handguns in East Chicago. I don’t know how that coyote survives. The host said on “live radio” as he tried to make a joke out of it. To me, this was a “cheap shot” and my decision not to listen to his B.S.
Just because you play Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin don’t make you cool… not with that b.s. in your head. Jed owns the radio station, so who checks him?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Street Patrol

The buck stops here


Illinois Central Bus Company received a $24,000,000 dollars contact with the School City of Gary in May of 2013. Three year deal that calls for Illinois Central Bus Company to pick up and delivered children to school in the morning. When Street went out to get some "fresh art" on the company for an update something seemed amiss. There was no sign in the windows or nothing with name of Illinois Central Bus Company? "See if they're registered with the state," Lawyer friend advised me.


Come on now, there isn't "no straw in my hair, bro". What's up with Illinois Central Company? "They got to have a license to operate, Street," my friend assures me. "Shit, George Pabey starting working on that "crib he had in Miller with no permits or nothing, you feel me?" Street told him.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Street Patrol


It wasn't tap long ago that Speros was chastising "The Indy Colts" for doing a "photo shoot" in Michigan and not in the state of Indiana. He literally ripped them a "new one" in our local newspaper. For the record, Speros Batistatos is m guy, and these photos will attest to that. Got lotta love for him and respect. But I have a "baby beef" with him. Here he berates "Indy Colts" for moving a photo shoot to Michigan, instead of Indiana. But then he decides to move the 4th of July Air Show from Miller in Gary, Indian to Fair Oaks Farm in 2014. Look who's "calling the kettle black.


Gary's "money is funny", and they having difficulty "paying the tab" on the 4th of July Air Show anyway, you feel me? But the bottom line is Speros needs to "hit a home run", and this move to Fair Oaks Farm will be just that!!!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Street Patrol

Antuwan Clemons -- Enter Stage Door Left

Mr. Clemons was elected to the Gary School Board at the age of 22 years. Antuwan Clemons is in Jamal Washington's "inner circle" and "roll together", you feel me?

This company that Antuwan Clemons formed. The interest part is as follows.... Jamal Washington is Executive Board Member of "Laughing Right Productions"?

A. Jamal Washington --- on the radio at WLTH
B. Antuwan Clemons --- on the radio at WLTH with Jamal Washington
C. Eve Gomez --- on the radio of WLTH

D. LaBrenda Smith --- other Gary School Broad Member who is on the radio at WLTH with Jamal Washington

E. Mary Elgin --- Calumet Township Trustee also on the radio at WLTH.

F. Marion Williams --- Gary School Board Members who owns WLTH. Pays rent to Mary Elgin, Calumet Township Trustee, own the 5th and Broadway building.


G. John Key ---- has a $30,000 dollar contract with Calumet Township Trustee's office, and he also pays rent to Mary Elgin at the 5th and Broadway building.

Back Story

Darren Washington didn't run for re-election to Gary School Board in 2012. Antuwan Clemons knew Darren wasn't running and caught everybody else sleeping.