Sunday, January 5, 2014

Street Patrol

Antuwan Clemons -- Enter Stage Door Left

Mr. Clemons was elected to the Gary School Board at the age of 22 years. Antuwan Clemons is in Jamal Washington's "inner circle" and "roll together", you feel me?

This company that Antuwan Clemons formed. The interest part is as follows.... Jamal Washington is Executive Board Member of "Laughing Right Productions"?

A. Jamal Washington --- on the radio at WLTH
B. Antuwan Clemons --- on the radio at WLTH with Jamal Washington
C. Eve Gomez --- on the radio of WLTH

D. LaBrenda Smith --- other Gary School Broad Member who is on the radio at WLTH with Jamal Washington

E. Mary Elgin --- Calumet Township Trustee also on the radio at WLTH.

F. Marion Williams --- Gary School Board Members who owns WLTH. Pays rent to Mary Elgin, Calumet Township Trustee, own the 5th and Broadway building.


G. John Key ---- has a $30,000 dollar contract with Calumet Township Trustee's office, and he also pays rent to Mary Elgin at the 5th and Broadway building.

Back Story

Darren Washington didn't run for re-election to Gary School Board in 2012. Antuwan Clemons knew Darren wasn't running and caught everybody else sleeping.