Saturday, January 18, 2014

Street Patrol

The buck stops here


Illinois Central Bus Company received a $24,000,000 dollars contact with the School City of Gary in May of 2013. Three year deal that calls for Illinois Central Bus Company to pick up and delivered children to school in the morning. When Street went out to get some "fresh art" on the company for an update something seemed amiss. There was no sign in the windows or nothing with name of Illinois Central Bus Company? "See if they're registered with the state," Lawyer friend advised me.


Come on now, there isn't "no straw in my hair, bro". What's up with Illinois Central Company? "They got to have a license to operate, Street," my friend assures me. "Shit, George Pabey starting working on that "crib he had in Miller with no permits or nothing, you feel me?" Street told him.